Mini documentary on meat


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Salam everyone

This isn't halaal meat, however, if you're from Canada like me, then I'm sure you're familiar with maple lodge farms, who sell both halaal and forbidden meat.

Is the meat really halaal if maple lodge farms treats the animals like this too? Beware of what you purchase.. i'm just saying take caution because its hard to get authenticated halaal meat in kuffr countries in my opinion.. maple lodge farms slaughters their animals through machine and they recite the kalma.. whereas private halaal butchers slaughter the animals with their own hands

(the last segment of this video contains the pig.. if you want to close it before that then go ahead. I have viewed it for educational purposes)


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MAple lodge is not Halal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They claim that it is one of our Shiekh went to Maple lodge and all they do is Say Bismillah when they cut the first one and the rest are all machine cut. This meat is not Halal for us to eat unless you can find that first meat from the first slaughter. Which is impossible.


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Walykum Assalaam Brother JIbran

I literally got goosebumps upon watching this video..Infact the sale of Haraam meat has been badly hitting my conscience and i had come up with a thread based on that..

May Allah protect us from consuming Haraam food..