Fashion mobile jaw crusher is a primary crushing device for construction waste disposal

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    As the mobile crushing station in the field of Construction Waste Crusher has excellent performance, it has gradually become the main equipment for construction waste disposal, construction waste mobile crusher common equipment is a tire-type mobile crushing station and crawler-type mobile crushing station. The current mobile crushing station is commonly used in tire-type mobile crushing station, the equipment set by the material, process equipment, forming a strong operation, to complete the needs of more processing operations.
    We launched the mobile jaw crusher can be used for metallurgy, chemical, building materials, hydropower and other materials processing, especially for roads, railways, hydropower projects. The mobile jaw crusher has the advantages of advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient operation, maintenance and operation cost economy, stable and reliable operation. A small and medium-sized crushing station can move, save a lot of urban construction funds and resources construction, Thus from the traditional building materials to achieve the building materials, building materials, construction waste, renewable raw materials, recycling model change.
    After the construction waste disposal classification mobile crushing station, can be classified, processed into recycled aggregate, building materials used mortar, three hole brick and concrete construction clinker, construction waste utilization rate can reach 95%, mobile crushing station The production of concrete, mortar or the preparation of materials such as blocks, walls, tiles and other corresponding strength grade building materials used; after the increase in the weight of the total curing material can also be used for road pavement base; with the use of concrete and mortar, The total amount of waste produced by the brick can be used to produce recycled materials such as recycled bricks, blocks, walls, tiles and other building materials; slag can be used in road construction, packing, pile and so on, and new applications are gradually developing.

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