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Is there any posibilities that ,a pious man can tell u that u will die within next 18days & it become true????Indeed it happens,whatever he tells comes true .Even i have heard,,,& he continuing this & tells every1 about his power.....people bow head over him....what is this & pls give me some reference cause next itme i see this i can tell him......i need to mention this that he is well knowledged about quran & tafsir as well.pls help me with this...


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Palm-reading, I-Ching, fortune telling, tea leaves as well as Zodiacal signs and Bio-rhythm computer programs, all claim to inform those who believe in them about their future. However, Allaah has stated in no uncertain terms that He alone knows the future: ''Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allaah alone. It is He who sends down the rain and knows the contents of the wombs. No one knows what he will earn tomorrow nor in which land he will die, but Allaah is all-knowing and aware."(Surah Luqmaan 31:34)

Therefore, Muslims must take utmost care in dealing with books, magazines, newspapers as well as individuals who, in one way or another, claim knowledge of the future or the unseen. For example, when a Muslim weather-man predicts rain, snow, or other climatic conditions for tomorrow he should add the phrase, "In ShaaAllaah (If Allaah so wishes)". Likewise, when the Muslim doctor informs her patient that she will deliver a child in 9 months or on such and such a day, she should take care to add the phrase "In ShaaAllaah", as such statements are only estimations based on statistical information.


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Allaah clearly states in al-Qur'an that no one knows the unseen besides Him. Not even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Allaah said: With Him are the keys to the unseen and none knows it except Him alone."

Then he told the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), "Say! I have no power to bring good to myself nor avert harm but it is only as Allah wills. If it were that I knew the unseen, I would have multiplied the good and no evil would have touched me."

And he also said: "Say! None in the heavens nor the earth knows the 'unseen except Allah'."

Therefore, all the various methods used around the world by oracles, fortune-tellers, and the likes, are forbidden to Muslims


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Asalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

As you have seen from the narrarations brother misalat posted above ^^^, no human knows what will happen tomorrow- much less beyond that. It is haram to claim complete knowledge of such because Allah (SW) is the All-Knowing, and it is He who creates everything, and is aware of the happenings of all his creations.

I'm not sure what the man you're talking about might be saying, and even though there might be some "proof" that he is right I'm still going to encourage you not to believe in him. Keep faith in Allah (SW) and may He have mercy upon us all. Ameen.

Salam :D


Praise be to Allah!
It is very important to note- just to add to the above- that the person who claims to have knowledge of the unseen is a Kaafir and has apostated. Be wary of those who claim to be pious but OUTWARDLY have nullified their islaam. Most of the times these fortune tellers are people who seek aid from the Shayateen- i.e the evil Jinns.


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but pls tell me how he can tell everything,isnt it possible that ALLAH gave him the power to see, though he always say every1 to pray & ask everything to ALLAH.HE CAN ONLY ASIST A HUMAN BUT CANNT GIVE ANYTHING.HE IS a muslim & pray 5 times prayer a day..isnt it possible???


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but pls tell me how he can tell everything,isnt it possible that ALLAH gave him the power to see, though he always say every1 to pray & ask everything to ALLAH.HE CAN ONLY ASIST A HUMAN BUT CANNT GIVE ANYTHING.HE IS a muslim & pray 5 times prayer a day..isnt it possible???
the jinn and shaytan tell him, stay away from these people, or your salah will be nulled for 40 days, even if you curiously ask him. Any muslim with basic islamic knowledge knows this is haram, report him to your local imam(s) ASAP.
By the way, I'm assuming he takes money to do this... yes?
wa salam alikom.


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I happen to be reading a book relating to indigenous healing methods right now and an example of the "power of thought and belief" shared in the book came to mind.

A healer's negative thoughts, words, or actions can have dire health consequences. Poor prognoses pronounced by an authoritative figure may hex a patient into believing and fulfilling them. Even nonverbal suggestions of negative outcomes can adversely affect treatment. An extraordinary example of the power of nocebo (negative expectations) is illistrated by an article published in 1936 in the Indian medical journal Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry (N.S. Yagwar, "Emotions as a Cause of Rapid and Sudden Death", Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry 36 (1936): 875).Indian prison authorities gave a Hindu physician permission to conduct a gruesome experiment. He asked a healthy young man, who had been sentanced to death by hanging, if he would instead allow himself to be painlessly bled to death. The prisoner agreed. He was strapped to a bed and blindfolded. Unknown to him, a vessel of water was placed on each side of the four bedposts a set to drip into basins on the floor. The doctor then scratched him superficially on his arms and legs. Everything was set up to convey the impression that the man was dying. The water began to drip, quickly at first, and then more and more slowly, accompanied by the doctor's gradually lowering tone of voice. Th prisoner grew progressively weaker. When the last drop of water fell into the basin, the room became cold and silent. The prisoner was dead, killed by the power of imagination and expectation.

There is also a common English expression which also demonstrates the power of suggestion....

"What can go wrong will go wrong."

When we are told, by people who seem to have influence and greater 'knowledge' or age than us that something bad will happen.....we are the ones who bring that about because we trick ourselves into thinking that since they know more than us or are older, that they must know something we don't.

While a weatherman can "predict" the weather based on scientific cause and effect, every weatherman will tell you that they are not fortune tellers and that even after all the science says otherwise, the opposite can happen. For example, did you know that it can be raining and no water hits the ground? All the science and radar says its raining, but what the radar CAN'T tell you is if the rain is atmospheric or ground reaching rain.

The Creator is the only one who knows for certain who will die and who will live and at what point those things happen. It may only be a coincidence that what a "fortune teller" says comes to be at the time that he said it would, BUT, he did nothing to control it and, in fact, by saying anything at all he may even change the real "destiny".


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[COLOR = "Lime"] Hello it is claimed that he knows what is Saatna of the morning or after it Mhaud Gadd and charlatan and does not know the unseen but Allah, and in saying the Almighty [COLOR = "Magenta"] that God has knowledge of the Hour and and knows what is in the womb and what knowing the same to what will earn tomorrow, and what know any land dies, God knows Khbaylr and these things five, which is known only to God and saying on the lips of the Prophet (PBUH) if you know the unseen to Acetktert good and what touched me is how bad we hid the Almighty at work, even from good works and not be dragged to the evil desires and pleasures of the mortal world and we hope, God willing, be the last our days, or rather another Diqina of good works, so let's work of God and is the Rady us, God willing [COLOR = "magenta"] [COLOR = "Blue"], peace and mercy of God and Almighty upon you [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR]

Brother, I'm sorry for my ignorance but I'm not sure what you are trying to convey. Could you please explain it to me? Also, I can not read Arabic so please use just English.

Thank you.


Assalaam walaikum,


Hello. Muslim and fortune teller are non-sequesters. We are given examples in the Quran of how the magicians upon knowledge begged forgiveness of Allah.
Let me put it simply. This falls under the category of deception.
The individual is human with limited abilities.

Deception is playing with fire. The shytans deceive. There is no illusion with Allah. There is no absolute with fortune tellers. We have a phrase in English that sums it up pretty well: hocus-pocus.

All monotheistic faiths forbid fortune telling. Think of it as cheating.