Muslim Girl Poem


Im Proud 2 B Me!



Look...I'm a Muslim Girl...

I had heard so many stories, about the Muslim women...being oppressed

I decided that I would find out for myself and so, as one of them I dressed

I put on some loose and baggy clothes...and then reluctantly covered my hair

I looked at that stranger in the mirror...and thought to myself...who's going to care

Bravely and undaunted, I ventured out of my room wondering, who I would meet

The very first person I ran into...was my son, who, you look like a geek

I replied...look, I'm a Muslim you like it, because this is going to be the new me

My son became so upset, and just better make sure my friends don't see

I looked him in the eyes...and said...why, I'm still the same mom that you've always known

I've been here since you were a baby, a toddler too...and I will be until you're grown

I was dismayed and upset...and feeling rather unnerved by the reaction of my son

Becoming very uncertain...not nearly as confident now...I decided I better get this done

I wandered outside, and awkardly started in the direction of my car...

When all of a sudden...I heard a peircing scream coming from my neighbor afar

With my heart in my throat, as quickly as I could manage...I ran over to her side

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones...whatever is the matter and why are you trying to hide

Suddenly it dawned on me, as she looked at me with horror and revulsion in her eyes

I felt so crushed, when she're a're one of those Muslim spys

I desperately tried to ease her mind...assuring her over and over no avail

I didn't matter what I tried to tell her, so certain was she...that I belonged in jail

Feeling rather shaken by that silly scene, I decided I would just go to my mom's place

Where I wouldn't have to worry...none of those embarrassing events would I have to face

I barged into my parents house,, mom - look at me...I'm a Muslim girl

Well, the shock and alarm in my mother's face...sent my dad in a panic and a whirl

Are you crazy, they said...or are you just plain stupid and out of your everloving mind

In a mental hospital is where you belong...if a prison is where you will wind

I started to cry and say...please, please just relax...why are you taking this so hard

My dad wrapped his arms around my mom...glared at me and shouted...get out of my yard

I left my parents house crying...feeling sympathetic to all the Muslims...and so ashamed

Of the way my family and good neighbors, reacted to my little game

I soon came to the conclusion, oppression of Muslim women did not even exist

The only oppression that I could see, were in those...of whom, my change...they did resist

For tell me, does it really matter on the type of clothing or covering a woman wears

For underneath all those layers of clothing, I am still the same woman that cares!


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Salaam alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe

Djazak Allahoe Ghair.
This is truly beautiful. I also had to go trough some of these first i also was really sad (and still am about the way people think) but in a way it makes you strong.
But anyway...djazak Allahoe ghair.
It is really beautiful.

Your sister in Islam, Aicha
Wa salaamoe alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe


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Asalam 3alekum

Wallah this poems touched me i felt like i was the woman that was waring like a muslim woman:hijabi: , because of all the harch commants that she got. I loved the ending, because it is the same question that i always think to myself every single day. May allah be with us inshallah!
:ma: :ma: