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In the current climate, converting to Islam is not an obvious choice or an easy one, either for converts or their families. So, why have 14,000 Brits (and counting) now taken that leap of faith? In A Muslim in the Family, Rageh Omaar tries to find out.

For the four converts featured in the documentary, conversion is a positive step - but one that demands sacrifices of them and can cause worry and confusion for those closest to them.
Ultimately, though, it is a hopeful film. At a time when many people talk about "a clash of civilisations" between Islam and the West, converts just might become a living bridge between Islam and the West.




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A Model for Female Muslims

Salam Alaikum>>

Though I’m from an Islamic Arabian country, and I’m Muslim by birth..
and though I’m quite familiar with the woman full Hijab (i.e. covered face and body)..
Despite all of that, I was really thrilled by strength of our British sister interviewed in the clip who wears a full Hijab and was a reason for her husband to discover his own belief again.

This woman deserves a kiss on her head – of course not by me!- for her great faith and maintenance of her belief.

I think she is an exceptional model of how a Muslim wife should be..

I think her husband is lucky twice..

one for having this great Muslim wife, and second for her being a reason of guidance for him.

May Allah guide her and provide her with his light and support.


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Assalamu Alaikum



This woman deserves a kiss on her head – of course not by me!- for her great faith and maintenance of her belief.(LOL :biggrin: brother I think you are getting to deep:) )

:jazaak: for sharing the video!



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allahu akbar ,alhamd le allah...islam is going up and up ,,and someday euorope will be as islamic continent,,


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good things to know about

Assalamu alikum
it is as much ase we are muslims ,that we change our way of life
great thing to have a web site nice as this ,:ma:

kindly check out this web site that can help learning real meaning of faith-islam-hijab ..etc

hope i can post it for the sake of ALLAH sw you can find many video-audio-text files


Assalamu alikum all


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Allahu Akbar:SMILY149:

I love the different stories, what a great documentary. And a valuable point about the role reverts can play in providing understanding between cultures.


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amazing video

what an amazing video and great stories ,, may God bless all of the 4 them and guide them through life and have the strenght to face all obstacles :muslim_child: