Muslim looking for Chemical Engineering Job in New York


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Aslamualykum, my brothers and sisters in islam I have noticed that we as Muslims need to network more among ourselves to help each other in both religious and worldly matters. I am opening this thread to one purpose only, that is to help find each other halal jobs. I am a recent graduate in the field of chemical engineering and having a tough time finding an entry level job. It seems like one need to know right people. Yes, we have full faith in Allah but we need to help each other, also. If any of u can help forward my resume then plz plz inbox me. I can help any one looking for a halal sales job in New York in eastern long island. Let me know if I can be helpful to any one.


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Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah,

Please email me your resume and I will try my best to assist. My email address is [email protected] (hopefully not violating TTI's policy by sharing email address).

Do you have LinkedIn Profile?