Muslim Prayers Alert App for Android & iPhone


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One of the simple and colorful App for Smartphone and iPhone is Never Miss Prayer that is basically a personal reminder. User can easily set alarm manually by according to their location. Many option to set the alarm for Prayer.When Prayer time has reached the alarm ringing; it has two types of alarm tunes to select by your choice. Effective useful Prayer Alert App for Muslims who forget the Prayer timing by busy in their commitment/work.


Click Here to Download Muslim Prayers App for Android

Click Here to Download Muslim Prayers App for iPhone

Main Features:

Annoying Triggers-Trigger is an additional option to turn off the alarm by using one of the following:-

Tap the Screen

Shake Your Phone

Quiz (Questioner/Answer)

Simply use Turn off button

Edit Your Location-Easily Edit Muslim Prayers time according to your location no matter in which area you are.

Change Application Setting-According to your choice set the application setting like selecting alarm sound, number of shakes, number of questions, calculation method, latitude Adjustment etc.

Set the Desired Location Manually-Get location by use Auto location or Set manually option. The Muslim Prayers time for that location can automatically set to your app accordingly.


Briefly, it is said to used one of the way to offer your prayers on time like Muslim Prayer App used for this.

Download and Try it.



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