Muslim to Christian to Muslim (pleaseeeeee)

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    I've been born into a Muslim family since i was born
    However when i was young, I was taught in a Christian school due to the lack of schools in the country and other various reasons
    (That's not important now)
    I was taught in this school since i was in kindergarten and so I learned a lot about Christianity
    When i went into being a 4th grader, I converted my religion to Christianity
    I was very young and did not understand much at that time and was a little naive
    When i became an eight grader or so (probably 12~13 years old) I converted back to Islam, after i became a young adult and understood that i have done wrong and that Allah is the only One that i should be following
    I was just wondering, if what i've done was wrong when i was young and would i have needed to do a ceremony, since i was a young child when i converted to Christianity and didnt understand anything

    This is really confusing to me, but now I believe in Allah 100%

    Thanks for answering these questions :)

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