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Turning Muslim in Texas Documentary

George W Bush may be backed by Christian fundamentalists but in his home state of Texas, Islam is the latest big draw.

Eric was a Baptist preacher before he became a Muslim 14 years ago. Now he prays five times a day – even in the middle of watching a football game. His wife, Karen, also a convert, is covered from head to toe in the traditional Muslim Clothes. Islam, says Eric, ‘is everything I wanted Christianty to be’. His mother has found it hard to come to terms with her son’s conversion and believes he will return to the Christan faith: ‘Then he will be a dynamic preacher.’ Eric says: ‘Maybe some day she’ll embrace Islam.’

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Women are also becoming followers of Islam. Yasmine (previously Mindy) arranged a marriage for herself and has three children. Islam, she says is ‘the solution to a lot of the prevailing evils: drugs, adultery, fornication…’ Converts often see the religious laws more clearly than those who have been brought up as Muslims and Yasmine can spot a mistake at 20 paces. She believes that she has a unique opportunity to help people who are born into the religion get back to the fundamentals.

Catherine has been a Muslim for two weeks. She came from a privileged background – private school followed by a career in PR. Now the established Muslim women guide her through the purification rituals as she washes before prayer and removes her nail varnish.
David is the only white Muslim in his little town on Route 66. He believes his new religion makes him a better American and, far from undermining liberties, gives the individual more rights. He had an arranged marriage and his wife, who was born a Muslim, was shocked by the strictness with which he insists they live their lives. His family – a white man with his wife and daughter dressed in their hijabs (headscarves) –are stared in the streets and supermarkets of their one-horse town.
There are 400,000 Muslims in Texas alone and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA. Since 9/11 there have been more converts to Islam than ever. Eric believes that people are trying to understand Muslims and want to learn about their religion. Yasmine says: ‘America should not be afraid. If it would be better Muslims were the majority. If a child asks me: “Who made this leaf?” I say, “Allah. Allah made everything.”’


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Five months before their marriage, Karen Meek's fiancé told her that he was becoming a Muslim. Ms. Meek, an atheist, was taken aback.
"I thought he was being brainwashed into something," she said. "All of a sudden he stopped drinking alcohol. He wanted to pray every day. He stopped eating pork."
For months, Eric Meek, a lapsed Baptist, had studied Islam without telling her. Now, when he went to work, Ms. Meek poured over his books and videos, trying to understand his faith.
She never expected to be attracted to Islam.
"I grew up thinking religion was ridiculous," said Ms. Meek, 33, of Lewisville. "I didn't believe in God. I had no idea how the universe was created and, frankly, didn't care."
She said Islam had a logic to it that she couldn't resist.
"Coming from an atheist background, I had an easier time accepting Islam than a Christian because I didn't have to unlearn or give up any beliefs," she said.
After getting married, she prayed for the first time while her husband was at work. She learned how from a book.
"Until this point, I had done everything privately, without telling him," she said. "I did not want to join a religion just because he did. I wanted to discover it on my own."
She and her husband began meeting with other Muslims to study the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Eventually, she made her profession of faith.
Her choice of religions stunned her parents.
"One day she came and she wearing a scarf and a dress down to her ankles," said her father, Ray Allred of Carrollton. "I was shocked."
He said he was estranged from his daughter for a time because of her religion. They're close now, though he fears for her safety since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
"You want to love your child, but when they do something so foreign to you, it's very difficult," he said. "I'd give anything if she hadn't adopted this religion."
Those comments were echoed by Jane Barrett of Flower Mound, who's Ms. Meek's mother. She said she especially dislikes the hijab, or head covering, that her daughter wears.
"Karen is such a pretty girl with beautiful hair," she said.
Ms. Meek said she understands. After becoming a Muslim, it took her many months to adopt Islamic dress.
"I would wear the hijab places where people didn't know me," she said and laughed. Now, she wears it all the time -- even to work, where she is an accounting clerk for a restaurant chain.
She said embracing Islam has caused her to see life in a new way.
"Going from not believing in God to believing in God is amazing," she said. "Islam opened my eyes to so many things I had taken for granted, mostly that life is a gift."


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This is a very useful link for those who want to learn Islam.




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A Muslim from Malaysia

I am Faizul Abu Bakar from Malaysia. How are you? :)
I am amazed to see that many there are so many Muslims in US. Is there anything that I can help you to learn about Islam, please let me know. Perhaps I can learn from you too.


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It's really interesting that more and more ppl are converting to Islam day by day.



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Assalamu alaikum,
Peace be upon u all

As many Americans do not know much about Islam and Muslims, tha same can b said of Muslims in Asia not aware about Islam in the US. Stories like these breaks barriers and links the East and West. No more media blackout now. :smile: Alhamdullilah.


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Ayep said:
Assalamu alaikum,
Peace be upon u all

As many Americans do not know much about Islam and Muslims, tha same can b said of Muslims in Asia not aware about Islam in the US. Stories like these breaks barriers and links the East and West. No more media blackout now. :smile: Alhamdullilah.

wa alaykum salam, inshaAllah that is true. This sites primary goal is to build awareness. To get someone who thought bad about Muslims to think again and perhaps make them read Quran, try to learn more.




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Hello everyone ,
I do appriciate your web site.
Thank you for all the hard work and effort put in making this web site, I am sure it will help lots of people turn their life around and make them better human beings


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Allah (SWT) did not create this world randomly, every thing in it has an orbit or a path, and this path should lead us to Allah (SWT) (The Noor). Thanks for Allah (SWT) for sending us The Map (The Noble Quraan), & Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as an explainer & guider in this world, to show us the right path (his Sunnah) that leads to wide & deep ocean of Noor (ALLAH) SWT, which is full of precious & valuable things of this world & hereafter.


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Corrections to the video made by Channel 4

Hi everyone! Big Salam to all!

This is Katherine from the video.

Well after 3 years of this video being made, I have the courage to come out and correct the media's portrayal of me. They so misrepresented me. When I did this video I was was a muslim for about 5 months. They started filming in August 2003 and again another shoot in October 2003. I converted to islam in June 2003. I just started to desire to cover then in public in October. So when they filmed me in the first rounds, I was not covered. So please forgive me for that.

Also I would like to say, I said alot more important things they the way they portrayed me. I actually come from a middle class family...not upper class as they said. I did go to a nice college but only because my dad was smart enough to save money for his daughter. I had a special talent in art so there were not very many good christian schools in the USA I could go to. So I ended up going to TCU....and this is also where I learned about islam from my religion professor, Dr. Saddique (he was a muslim too).

Oh and those tennis lessons....I paid for that...just because I was trying to find a fun way to lose weight....I did not have tennis lessons all my life! My sisters was doing it also for exercise and she encouraged me to do the same. SINCE THEN, I have lost weight, about 30 pounds, humduallah! All that bowing and praying helps your weight too! I was really upset when they did the part with me about the finger nail polish. It made me looks so like stupid...I mean that is just a minor thing about wudu in Islam for women...but I wish they showed the other stuff I talked about in my where I learned about islam and the first mosque I went to.

Currently, what is going on with me is I am just now finishing my second degree in education. I hope inshallah I will be teaching next year. I am married now for 2.5 years. No Children yet...but I and my husband are up for them now...please make dua for us to allow allah to grant us good children! My husband and I are involved in plenty of dawa activities at our mosque and the public. Please don't hesitate to post a message to me if you have any questions about islam. I currently work directly with all the new muslims in dallas.



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Wa alaykum Salam Wa RAhmatullah,

Dont wory sister, Im sure nobody thought bad of you for anything. Alhamdulilah, infact we are proud of you and it is great that you came to Islam. The video is great alhamdulilah, and it is good way for people to see how Muslims live.

The tennis lessons and your background etc as mentioned in the video did not make any difference. I guess because it is about yourself you see it in a different light! You came across as down to earth and humble, as the rest of the Muslims in the video did. Walhamadulilah.

Anyway, welcome to the site sister, may Allah bless you and the rest of your family.



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assallaamu alleykum!

iam very much impressed about these video's of american's and europeans turning to islam at significant numbers that are raising yearly monthly and ofcourse daily. insha allah this will help to correct the global misunderstanding of the faith and enable islam to be back on earth as a role model for not only muslims but all humanity's, since allah states in the quran!

Wammaa arsalnaaka illaa rahmatan lil aa'lammiin.


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:salam2: to all my brother and sister in Islam,im Farouk a muslim filipino,im so very thankful to Almighty Allah that i found this will help me insha Allah in my search for more knowledge about Islam and muslims around the world...:) :wasalam:

umm maryam2

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assalam alaikum
i just like to say that the video on the american reverts was wonderful ALLAMDUILLAH.I became muslim 7 years ago and think that sister yasmin is a very good example of the way we should be as muslims i sometimes lack in my deen but watching sister yasmin as made me think about the way i should be and inshALLAH become more pious, may ALLAH grant u all jannat inshALLAH


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I am a new convert and live in Texas as well. I hope that the brother in the film and his family continue to prosper.


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Assalamualaikum To All My Muslim Brothers And Sistes,

I Am Very Much Immpressed By Seeing The Vidios Of People Embracing Islam In America And Europe.. So Me And My Mother Are Looking For A Converted Muslim Girl From Usa/uk For My Brother,mohammed Ather Hussain.he Is 25 Yrs Of Age.his 5ft.8inch(172cms).he Is A Bachelor Of Coomerce.he Is V.religious,handsome And V.fair.he Worked Previously In Kuwait And In Dubai As An He Is Residing In Hyderabad(india).inerested May Contacr Me At *********************** Or At 123-456-789 (india) For Futher Details (******).

This message has been edited to remove personal information such as emails, addresses and phone numbers. Please understand that this is an Islamic Forum, to increase our knowledge of Islam and shall only serve that purpose.



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i m so happy

assalam alaykoum
je suis vraiment heureuse de voir qu'il ya des musulams qui aime l'islam comme ca je suis très touchée par cette vidéo et je peis alah tout puissant qu'il leurs acordes la paix intérieur la bonne foi et le bonheur


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Asalaamu alaykum

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Asalamu alaykum warahmatulah

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am here with my best webside of Turntoislam jazakumulahu Qair.
I have some friends those we r working together and when every i give them som I dea of islam this wenbside help me so much,and i hope they will be an islam as soon as posible if ALLAH says.
Wasalamu alaykum Warahmatulahi wabarakatuh:


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WOW!!! I’m new to this website. :ma: I’m so impressed and speechless by the videos. May Allah bless you and your family Katherine- You should be proud of yourself (as we are proud of you). :)



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A very interesting video. What I find suprising is how many converts in the US wear Niqaab -

To anyone who watches this video and is not Muslim - please note the lady prays with her face covered - this is only because she is been filmed and men will watch the documentary. When she normally prays, her face will be uncovered