My first visit to the Masjid


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Assalam waleikum,

I have no words to express how happy I feel for having decided to accept the invitation for visiting the mosque and assist to a class there for non-muslims and converts.

It was a magnificent place full of peace, simplicity and light.

I felt so welcomed, it is a very complete building, it is more than a religious building for muslims, it is a real cultural centre.

I began to learn arabic, the entire alphabet and inshaAllah I can continue to go there (if my work schedule allows) in order to learn arabic and also to go to the class where it is possible to hear explanations about Islam and clarify our doubts.

For the fisrt time, I used an hijab in public and I felt great, I wish I could wear it all the time (it protected me from the hot and wet weather), but I need to be discrete due to my actual situation, to avoid obstacles to my learning process. But people on the street seemed to be afraid os me while I was wearing it. I felt powerful and protected.

It amazed me to see people from every race in peace: indians, whites, blacks, mixed-raced, etc...

InshaAllah may the community in my country increase and be much more than the present less than 1%.

I just wanted to share this great experience with you, even though I can't express here in words how amazing it was, I just inform you that I didn't notice the time was passing, and when I realise, I had been there from 3 pm to 8 pm.

I am phisically tired but spiritually satisfied...alhamdullilah:hijabi:

May Allah reward you for your support here on TTI, too



La Illaha Illa Allah
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Walaikumsalaam waa rahmatullahi waa barakatahu..

The masjid is indeed a place of peace for the heart, body and soul. Insha'Allah you will be successful in your Arabic course, dear sister.. And I say Ameen to your dua for the increase in muslim community in your country...

I pray that Allah swt make it easy for you and for all of us in following the ways of our great religion Islam.. Ameen..:salah:


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Walaikumasalam sister - it is good to hear you are doing so well!!! May Allah keep you forever happy :) and high in imaan - stay the course :)


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walekoum el salam sister,

mashallah what you wrote reflects the feeling of happiness on you today

wish you to be happy forever sister and wish you the best in your coming life inshallah :)



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MashAllah sister. May Allah (s.w.t) make it easy for you to start wearing hijab. I really liked your post.



Happy to hear from you

It is beyond HUMAN capability to judge who one is really good or bad in their hearts. It is Only ALLAH (SWT) knows as He (SWT) mentioned in His Noble KORAN "........Had there been any good in their hearts I would make them muslims.......''. I donot know the SURAH and Verse Number but the vese is correct.

Obviously your heart is good otherwise you would not be able to enjoy His command.

May ALLAH (SWT) guide you to ISLAM/


Pls mak Duwa 4 me

Masha Allah sister is great to see the threast in you to learn, May Allah help and guide you and all of us to the straighth path and which his blessings are.

About hijab sister yeah you were right it protect you from hot and wet weather and other important thing of it is it protect you from the evil eyes it protect your modesty.

If you thing ok you can ask any question or doubt you have about islam here so that we can also learn from it and will try to answer it in the light of Quran and Sunna as here many knowlageable Brothers and Sisters are here.

May Allah help you in your strugel and make things easy for you. Ameen.

Allah hafiz.


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May Allah guide us to the straight way, to learn and teach others of Islam and make us among His loved servants- aameen. jazakAllahu khair for sharing the exPerience and may Allah helP you in the good task.