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Faziel E Amal


Read "Fizail e Amal" (name of the book, meaning Vertues of good deeds) to your family for a few minutes a day to boost their Iman (Faith).

This has selected Hadith on Vertues and rewards of our GOOD DEEDS like Salah, Seeking religious Knowledge, Reading Allah's Book Quran, Fasting in Ramdaan, Correcting each other if a wrong thing is being seen and encouraging Good things, by looking at the sacrifices made by Prophet Mohammad:saw: and they companions of the Prophet Mohammad:saw: , make effort on one own self .

Some of my brothers and sister may have doubts that this book have some weak Hadith, but please have understanding that its also written by an prominent scholar

In the explaination of a Hadith ( Saying of our beloved Prophet Mohammad:saw: ) he has given references which is in the matter of Fazial (vertues) is acceptable by most Ulamas (Scholas of religion) WHAT A MARVALLOUS EFFORT WHAT A SIMPLIFICATION


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Why go out.

Assalam alakomWhy these people go to different area and not work in there own community I hope somone can answer that.


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sorry but i don't want to lie; i didn't understand the question of the poll and without knwing i clicked on yes while i've seen this hadith

forgive me for this mistake


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Jazak Allah Khair for the link
i appreciate the help given by members here to improve and strenghten the iman of their borthers and sisters

Jazak Allah Khair again


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Hey, mayB I will post a link, but Bilal Phillips, a scholar here, said that this book is full of bidah and should be burned for the misguidance it spreads, if I find it, I shall post that vid. here.