My somewhat of a mind melting philosophical, scientific rant


A logical believer

How are you today brothers and sisters? Anyway please excuse me for ranting, but i felt like venting it and i feel it maybe a nice beneficial for the community as i haven't see any deep intellectual conversations so far. I may be wrong, but hey anyway onto the subject at hand.

1. Fallacy of the ultimate question?

"What was there before the big bang?" The question that most people ask and most non-religious use to disprove religion. In order to prove the fallacy let me generally analyze the sentence. The time frame that the question is posed to is "before" the big bang/creation. Let us look at it this way. If we are assuming that the working logical model is creation. The ask yourself this, what is time. The concept is that time starts recording since the big bang, hence the question cannot be asked and is illogical and flawed because if to us time started after creation, how can there subjectively be a "before", hence why this theoretical before creation is beyond us as we are defined by and are originated by creation as we are limited to the creation not before, you get what I am saying. Hence why this question is bad and why it isn't brought up in a logical religion.

2. Concept of Infinity and Nothingness

This part of the rant is kinda messy so forgive me. Our concept of infinity is something that has no end, and we try to use it as an adjective for somethings. The concept of nothingness is really bizarre as it basically mean an absence of something, nothingness is the "before" creation and "beyond" creation as some theorist say. So my rant here is that i believe our working definition is wrong. Basically we are finite and limited by creation which is finite, so technically we cant truly define it at all. Maybe nothingness isn't an absence of something, and infinity doesn't have to be just never "ending" or never "beginning, it could be something else o_O Or whatever.

This is the things i sometimes think about. Forgive me for offending anyone, i am not a philosophy or social science or psychology major, I am just a engineering/science student and i do not endorse the fact that i know everything as I don't.

That ends my semi-rant, take what you will and comment what you will, thank you