My story of becoming a Muslim at the age of ten years old.


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MasyaAllah really good story! I almost teared. Sister Samiha, for awhile I thought you were writing about your story .. until I read the last part. Haha. Thanks for sharing!


wa alaykum salam

I never replied to this but yeah, not 'my' story =) but I really admired it, so I wanted people to be able to experience it until the end


Happy 2BA Muslim


And some of us think they have/had a tough life........

Thank you for bringing out the tears. I needed it.....

May Allah reward you.



He is Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram
salam aleikum wa rahmatulahy wa barakatuh

may Allah reward those two amazing muslims that changed this young man`s life by the Mercy of Allah and may Allah reward him for tryng his best in this life..
we can all learn from this story , inchallah