Nandos Chicken Is Pre-stunned, I wouldn't eat from the Nando's branches in the UK


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A brother wrote to Nando's. Below is the reply that he got.

Nando's pre-stun their chicken before slaughter. I would advise against eating in their restaurants in the UK.

I have highlighted the part in bold that is of great concern.

The e-mail below indicates a lot of ignorance.
As we know there is no need to pre-stun the chicken.

They said:

Thanks so much for contacting us; we really appreciate your bringing to our attention the rumours surrounding the Halal chicken we serve in selected Nando’s restaurants.

As a chicken restaurant group, we are committed to the highest standards for our chickens. The quality of our core product is of the utmost importance to us and we believe that quality product and clear consciences can only be achieved if the welfare and health of the chickens are a priority for our business. Nando’s uses fresh, A-Grade, farm-reared chickens. Our Halal chickens are supplied to us by Freeman’s of Newent.

Freeman’s of Newent are authorized by the Islamic institute of Jurisprudence and adhere to the strict Assured Chicken Production standards (ACP). Freeman’s are the UK’s leading supplier of halal chickens; their slaughter process is overseen by Mr. Ali Bham who has been a practicing Muslim slaughter man for over 20 years. Because welfare is such a high priority for us, the chickens are pre-stunned – to minimize suffering or fear. The method used is a high frequency low voltage stun – this means the animal is still alive when it is killed by zabiha (hand slaughter).

Nando’s is a non-judgemental, non-political company; we serve halal chicken in restaurants where local demand for that particular product is high. This is not a political decision; we welcome everyone into our restaurants, regardless of their beliefs. The sale of halal chicken is based purely on demand. Our halal chicken products and our non-halal chicken products never mix as they come from different suppliers and are segregated in our distribution centre. Our restaurants are authorised only to purchase poultry from our approved distribution centre.

I do hope you now feel reassured and will continue to enjoy Nando’s.

Kind regards


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Jazka'Allah khair for informing us about this, I already knew this a while back, and I tried telling others, but a lot of people didn't believe me.

I pray Allah blesses you with jannah tul firdos. Aameen.

ummi h

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not everything is halal in nandos, they specifaclly say only the chicken is halal to muslim people...but iv heard that they also sell alcohol( my local one does) so im assuming they all do, and why would people go to a place that sell alcohol just to eat thier so-called 'halal' chicken.....alhamdulilah iv never set foot in any of their resturants.