Nasheed Ummati (( My Nation )) . By The Amazing Abd Al-Malek


Im Proud 2 B Me!

You dont really watch anything in this clip you just need to listen and think(really hard).

This is to our Ummah, our Nation.
I dont need to explain anything, If you speak arabic I recommend that you try to feel it.

For those who dont speak Arabic I found this on the internet:

A Very Painful And Beautiful Nasheed By Abu Abd-Almalek ..
His Voice Described So Fully The Pain And The Anguish That Our Ummah (( Nation )) Is Going Through ..

This what it says on the screen its By Omar Ibn Al-Khatab .. When He Said ::
Allah Made Us Prideful With Islam ,, And If We Wanted Pride Without It ,, Allah Will Put Us Down ..

And That What We Have Done ,, We Forgot Our People And Our Identity To crawl After Total Emptiness ..

Wake Up Muslims ,, Before It's Too Late ..

It's A Very Good Nasheed

The Translation ..
((( Come My Brother ..
Come With Me To See And Think About Our Ummah's (( Nation )) State ..
That Ummah ,, Which Was The Best Ummah ..
The Leading , The Dominating , The Teaching Ummah ..
The Ummah Which Was Supposed To Extract Humanity From The Ignorance's Swampland .And The Mud Of Darkness ..
Come To Turn The Pages Of The Past ..
The Present Is Empty Paged ..
After That Our Ummah Has Lost Leadership And Domination ,, And Became A Ravin To Every Single Deceitful Miscreant ..
And It Lost It's Pride And Freedom Throwing It Self In The Arms Of Straying And Loss ..
Come To Bring Back The Good Days And To Tear Down The Edifice Of Oppression ..
And To Raise The Flag Of Justice ,, And To Bring Back Pride And Glory ..
And We Won't Have This Until We Have Our Necks Crushed For The Sake Of GOD ..
Islam And Truth Will Raise Up Only With The Sculls Of The Good Men ..
And How Long We Have Waited That Day .. )))

What A Wound Deeply Set In The Heart Of Glory .. What A Billow Roaring In The Sea Of Humiliation ..
What A Sorrow Ummati (( My Ummah )) Even What Tears In The Eyes ,, What A Shared Sorrow ..
Ummati Oh , My Heart What Happened To You ,, Your Fortunate Territory Became Like A Graveyard ..
Every Single Part Of You Is A Sea Of Blood ,, Every Part Of You Is Platform Destroyed ..
The Defect Spear Is Planted In The Lines Of Pride And Glory Being Glanced By Eyes ..
How Many Forts Were Defeated By Us ,, But We Open Our Mouths In The Face Of Conspiracy ..
That Very Face That Takes Our Causes The Way It Takes Gags And Jokes ..
O Time Don't Blame Us ,, Our Glory That Was Buried Alive Is Voiceless ..
How Would I Complain While The Hearing Is Closed ,, And The Main Concern For Men Is Trade ..
A Group Of Them Is Selling The Religion Publicly ,, Kissing The Pretty Lady And Lushing ..
Another Group Is Staying On Treasures ,, That Doesn't Care If It Was Misery Or Protents ..
Don't Consider ,, So The Facts Are Brimfuled ,, With Grief O Ummati And The Tears Are Running ..
It's An Eve Walking Uncaring ,, It's Earning Wastes Of Playing .
Indeed ,, The Life We're Living Is Cringe ,, And We're Accepting It Even If The Ferocious Is Coming Closer ..
O GOD ,, My People Are Raising Up The Grifter ,, And Considering The Real Friend As The Trouble Maker ..
O Time Talk About Men ,, About A Time When Consciences Were Undead ..
Will I Ever Be Able To See You One Day Writing Glorious Deeds With Glory For Us ..
This Is My Long Timed Dream To See You Prideful And I Know GOD Is Capable


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slam alaikom,jazaki allah khairan sister
i really don't know where this nasheed has been hiding from me
it's just says what is always on my and my friend's mind,we are always depressed of how the ppl became motivated by lusts and think like animals sorry to say that but they only want everything of this dunya but never think in the classy way our beloved prophet mohammad tought us ,and i'm sure this is why we are the weakest around the world and everyone makes our blood v.easy to be shed all around the world and we can't do anything

sorry i was so talky ,but it's something that makes us really sad to see our ummah going down that filthy road


Subhana Allah!
Asalamu alaykum

MASHA ALLAH! very beautiful and heart touching nashiid. MAY ALLLAh bless you amiin