Need some help from sisters: a problem finding abayas that fit!


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Seriously, this is getting annoying

I adore abayas, and would love to have a wardrobe full of them, but I'm having HUGE issues of sizing which is really beginning to annoy and frustrate me.

Problem I've got is my hip measurement, which is 50 inches all round, and which puts me out of most 'normal' abaya sizes as the hip measurement usually runs from 46-48 inches including an extra few inches for modesty.

There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of choice if I opt to try and find a 'plus size' abaya which isn't a small fortune, so I'm hoping my fellow sisters can help me out here.


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How about eBay? I did a quick search and there were over 50 products in the results, so you might be able to find something there?


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i don't have any abayas either... course... since i can't even wear hijabi here.... abayas prolly out of my range of options as long as i live here, but anyway... I love the ones on pinterest. I'm not a big pinterest fan because people who have known me forever and people from work both signed up to follow me... so i kinda shut down on pinterest.
Inshallah one day i will live under different circumstances.


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1) if you live near Islamic shops, that sell Abayas - kindly ask the owner if they would considering ordering a plus size for you. Let them take your measurements, and see what they can do. Many small - privatley owned Islamic stores will custom order for their customers.

2) Have you ever taken a sewing class? I think Muslims in general need to learn how to sew. Because then we can make our clothes to fit us, LOL. I never sewed before in my life, but now I know that i must learn so i can make my own clothes (ALSO PLUS SIZE GRRR)

3) Good luck ordering offline but unless they give exact measurements of NUMBERS (and not L, XL, XXL) I would not order.