new girl...


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Assalaamalaikum WRWB everybody,

Hope you are all in the best of imaan. I'm new on this site. :SMILY139:
I'm 22 and trying to be a humble servant of Allah.
:shymuslima1: I'm a little shy so I don't like talking about myself but I'm here and I hope this site will be a benefit for me insha ALlah.



:salam2: sister
:SMILY206: to TTI
Hope you benifit from this site as much as all of us do.
Don't be shy; be open to ask anything, and please share your knowledge.
Take Care..


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yeah dont be shy thats important i confess that i was to begin with aswell
but u will find that this place is so dynamic that ull soon get really involved and ull feel completely at home inshallah
see u on the posts sis!



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Asalamu alaykum

Welcome my sister to TTI, i am sure you will benefit from this forum because i know i have in so many ways so i am sure you will too.


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Salaam alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe

Dear sister,

Welcome to this beautiful community and i hope that this site will benefit for you insha'Allah as it has for me. Just to tell you a little bit about me..i converted to Islam in 2001 al Hamdulillah.
May Allah (Subhana wa ta'alla) guide you and give you the knowledge you need insha'Allah..ameen.

Your sister in Islam,

Wa salaamoe alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe


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Asalam Alakum

Welcome to TTI,

It is nice to have u join our community.

Insha Allah u benefit from us as we from u.

Enjoy ur stay Insha Allah.

Take care,


Umm Zubayr
assalamu caleikum sister,

welcome, it's nice to have you here, hope you'll share your knowledege with us , don't hesistate to ask any questions inshallah we'll try to answer in the best of our abilities.

See you inshallah
Take care




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welcome sis:)))))


:SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206: to TTI
Do enjoy ur stay here and hopefully u will increases in islamic knowledge and eeman :inshaallah: