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:salam2: to every 1 on this site.
i am Amazing Amel, i am from India. i just happen to stumble upon this website and thought of registering.
i have many friends but majority of them are non- muslims here back in India, i hope to make lots of good muslim friends here n learn a lot.
hope to have an enriching, enlighting, educative, elevating,edifying expirience here.



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Wa alaikum assalam

Welcome to TTI, inshallah your time spent on here will be beneficial.

Take Care

Spectacular Sauda x lol


Here to help
WELCOME..inshallah we benefit from each other :D

wasalam alikom
~can pigeons fly??~

- Wonderfull Osman :lol: (warning,i have a dark side :)),hahahahaaaaaa!!!:lol: