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ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Couldn't think of a title but i hope you like it.:wink:

Creatures of light
that weren't meant to fight
they're always right.
Perfect creations
that are so bright
they're feared for their might
they don't eat, drink or bite
they don't sleep day or night
represented by the color white
with their infinte height
they'll give you a fright
so you can't handle their sight.



♥Amor vincit omnia♥
ah i wish i was poetic! Manshallah good one, i was trying to think of a title too but you know me i'm un-poetic!! Jezakallahu kherin


Masha'Allah sis
very nice.....you are talented
jazakillahu khair for sharing with us
wasalamu alaikum


Travelling towards my grave.
assalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

I usually do not read poems, but yeah this one is nice to go through. The best title I can think of is........

"Allah's Creations"

wassalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Jazak Allah for reading guys and thanx for the suggestion brother IbnAdam!