I'm not what you believe
I hope you are in good health and strong Iman,because what I'm going to write is for all the muslim sisters who wear hijab and they may have difficulties to make identity documents.
Today I went to have a new identity card because its time was up.It was told me uncover my hair a little just for idetification matters.I informed myself and discovered that every woman can make identity card with hijab at the condition that her face is well visible:the hair can be covered,so now I obteined that I'll have my identity card with hijab and covered hair.So sisters,protect your rights,because none but Allah can commend us what it's right,and it doesn't exist in the code of Law that a woman must take the photo with uncovered hair,because it's her belief and her way of life!:hijabi::wasalam:


Nothing but Muslimah
MASHA ALLAH...you are so strong...May ALLAH TALA help you and all the sisters including me to protect the modesty...Ameen..Summa Ameen....:tti_sister:
you are correct sister....we should never be weak to remove Hijaab....in any circumstance
When we strive hard in the way of ALLAH TALA....He is sure to help us....
Take care



Saalam alaikum sister Hayat84.

yes sister, our sisters need to be strong and we brothers should help and fight for our sister's right.
may Allah subhanahu wa ta'la protect our sister all around the world who wears Hijaab/Niqaab and facing problem. may Allah subhanahu wa ta'la protect and preserve all sister like pearl, which is preserved in the deep sea, covered with hard shells.
may Allah subhanahu wa ta'la bless all of the sisters and help the brothers to be the protector of the rights of their sisters.

Jazak Allah khair
wassalamu alaikum warahgamatu-llah


I'm not what you believe
thank you for your support.
As I could see is a matter of Islamophoby:why the catholic sisters have no prolems???and how should be identified that who changed sex?and what about that who is following the chemiotherapy and loses his/her hair and can'tcover them with a scarf or anything else,because it is said by the Inner's Minister?????!!
It's a trouble that those politics make to us muslims,they don't tolerate us,but the biggest trouble that I made them is that I said them that I'm Italian and I know my rights.when I showed my photo,none said a word,but tried to insist by telling me that the photo was too little;verily it wasn't too little,it was my hair which were well covered and showed only the face....
If in North Italy some major is giving the OK to make all the Turkish Kebap closed,not because they are illegals,but-by them because people eat on the road-,but in reality because young people expecially prefere to eat at a Kebap without paying too much money,instead of going to costly restaurants.
A Chinese restaurant can make its business very well,but when it is talked about arabic food,there is the "BAD SMELL" of Islam,and everybody hate it!!!there is no law which forbid to open locals in which to eat,is it maroccan or japanese...
I hope to win my Jihad against those ignorants..
They hate me?no problem,but they must respect me for what I am.Ameen


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May Allah sobhanahu wa taala make us among :

the true believers,] it is they in whose hearts He has inscribed faith, and whom He has strength*!ened with inspiration from Himself, and whom [in time] He will admit into gardens through which running waters flow, therein to abide. Well-pleased is God with them, and well-pleased are they with Him. They are God’s partisans: oh, verily, it is they, the partisans of God, who shall attain to a happy state

Translation of the meanings of quran- 58-22


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You're absolutely right sister Hayat84, we know very well that islamophobia is the real cause for all the problems we sisters are facing on the west... Everyone allows and make no remarks about a nun who covers with the traditional habit - they consider her modest and her religious option to be respected - but when it comes to us muslim women, it shows lack of integration and it is a sign of our inferiority and opression according to what they say. The fact is: they don't care about us, they actually hate us and that's why they can't support seeing us preserving our dignity and practice our religion, they can't accept it, because most of them feel accused when muslims follow a pious life. Islamophobia in it's best we also can see on the laws that are being made about niqab in Europe, it is flagrant islamophobia, they use a lot the excuse of security, but if that really was the case, they would also forbid the population to celebrate the carnival, they ususally wear costumes that make them become anonymous and from news I heard every year in Brazil, people are killed by masked individuals. If they were coherent, they would interdit those type of carnival costumes as well... But they will not, because the problem here is islamophobia... pure hate unfortunately

Miss Aaliyah

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Assalamo alaykom,

It's true that we have rights and people often try to sound special so that they can "change us a little". We always have to be strong and show that we know what we are doing and if they feel something different then let them send the police on us instead and they will know that they are wrong. There is no need of letting them win at all :)


I'm not what you believe
many of occidental people use to wear hats and scarfs just because it is of fashion.in Italy there is no respect,indeed I heard a priest was filmed by a hidden camera while he was making "Zyna" with a prostitute.television is full of slogans in which the woman's body is the main objectto earn easy money.there are few people who respect the laws,but the resting part of it,is drinking alchoolics and driving at the same time,other ones are taking cocaine,other ones are killing their partners...there is no order in Italy,but it is always found the excuse to harm muslims..I may be a good leader,if only I wasn't so closed,I want to scream to the world all my desire to follow Sunnah and to face those who attack me,I claim to be a silent warrior,but one day in Sh Allah I'll come out and defend what it's ours.
when it was said me that I should uncover my hair a little,I felt like if someone was uncovering my shoulder oa private part of mine.my hijab is my first dress:would you go around without wearing the trousers or shoes?I think not