One Religion Of One Allah-The Islam

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    Almighty Allah is one and is religion is also one. The name of this religion is Islam. This name has been same since the first human being and Prophet of Allah, Adam. Muhammad is one and he is the last of all the all prophets of Islam. Jesus was a Jew, From the Bible , it became clear that Jesus is the direct descendant of David who is the son of Juda who is one of the twelve sons of Prophet Jacob. Among all of them are Prophet Benjamin and Josef etc. Those who descended from Juda are known as Jews. Prophet Moses is not regarded as the descendant of Juda, instead he has arrived from another son of Jacob named Levi.

    Moses was not associated with the Judaic line, instead it refers to tribal nationality. He was not regarded as Jews as he was the descendant of Juda, who was the father of Jews. In this regard, Jesus is more of a Jewish than Moses, because Moses was born as Jew and was also raised as Jew. However, Jesus being the Jew was nothing more than belonging to Juda in terms of nationality. The fact is the religion of Moses was not Judaism. Till his departure, Jesus encouraged and invited people for fulfilling the covenant that was given to Moses.

    Therefore, from Adam o Muhammad, it has been religion Islam throughout. Holy Quran related to mankind that one Allah has chosen Islam as the best religion for all mankind. Being a true Muslim, all people worship Allah who is the God of Moses, Abraham, Adam, Jesus and Muhammad. They all are the prophets and Quran teaches the mankind not to see and observe any difference between religion Islam. By following the divine guidance, Holy Quran, the Muslim of today do the right things, they accept Moses and Jesus as the followers of Jesus did. The sign of religion being divine means to accept what is being offered by one Allah. The mission of Muhammad is to correct the corrupter divine religions.

    As it is said in Holy Quran:
    (Quran 42:13)​
    Almighty Allah has gifted mankind with the religion Islam. The teachings of Islam are presented and mentioned in the book of Holy Quran. For the better understanding of all the concepts of religion Islam, you must learn to read Holy Quran with translation.

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