Ooo Lucid dreaming?


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Well for everyone who doesn't know what a lucid dream yet it's basicly a Dream except with a twist, your in control ;)

Now I haven't tried this myself, it's pretty hard to achieve because you must be AWARE that you are dreaming and then take control of it from there. And from that point you will achieve something I think called OBE or out of body expoerience. Once you are in full control you can do anything you want, you want a nice car all you'd do is have to think it and it appear. You can fly, become superhuman, some people have even practiced on reading an essay they have to present in front of a large audience. So it's like there actually there. It sounds to good to be honest, but in dreams anything can happen

What do you guys think about lucid dreaming?


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honestly, i don't think i could do that. i mean, i understand if dreams come to you naturally, and most of my dreams are usually realistic, but lucid dreaming, yeah i think that's too good to be true. besides i like my dreams to surprise me, instead of thinking something i want. asalamu alaikum.


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Wa Salam

Yeah it's hard for me to believe too but you can actually research this yourself, it was actually just discovered recently


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lol- i actually did it a couple of times- though i wasnt sure-lol- it was cool!!!!!!!:lol:
But we should be careful, it could lead to unnessaesary, or unappropriate daydreaming



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uhhhh lucid dreaming? neva heard of it before:D but the way u explain it i think i've done ot loooaddddddddsss of times :lol: :D:D:D but nothin inappropriate ;)


Never knew what that meant, but checked it out and honestly that's just really creepy. I mean why would anyone want to be apart of something not even true. Controling your dreams just sounds twisted. I got really creeped out reading the info. Al3uthibillah min alshaytan alrajeem!

Never trying that... I'll dream in real life. :)



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Haha yeah the weird thing is that almost everyone had atleast one of these in their life. Did you ever have a dream that you woke up, and then you woke up again but for real in real life. The first time you woke up you are in a lucid dream all you would have to do would be just get out of your bed and explore. It's pretty creepy in a sense but these dream can last anywhere from 1 second to 1 hour.

One way I thought was real weird weird and it was called "wild" and you basicly trick the body to think you are sleeping. After a short amount of time acting like your sleeping the body sends a message like "move your hand I'm uncomfortable" but it's a trick to see if your brain is awake. If you resist it then the body will think "oh, the brain isn responding so then il just go to sleep" . At that stage that means your body is sleeping but you are concioss of It and then you keep acting to sleep until a dream appears in your mind and right from the beggining of the dream ou can take control cause you know it's a dream.

Pretty crazy stuff haha, some people do t everyday with sleeping methods
like these however you need to be good at remembering your dreams so it's best of ou write dreams down right after you have them or else you will probrobly forget them


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is it really true? then i'll want to play cricket in a rainy day and have a summer vacation in a hill station - - all in lucid dreams.:D


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i dont get dreams. i sleep like a baby!
my record is 16 hrs of sleep with a drinks break in between, during which i could hardly hold a glass. that was after i had not slept for 36 hrs as i was busy with my project. i have slept 14 hrs a few times.

i think sleep is a blessing and i actually enjoy sleeping. and when i wake up im ready to create trouble! :SMILY288:


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I've done it a couple of times myself, but unfortunately both times when I became aware I was dreaming and started to manipulate it, my being self-aware lead to me waking myself up :p


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Assalamu aleikum,

Just before I had known Islam, I was having lucid dreams... so so real... I was having control of what I was doing, I was aware that I was dreaming and I was able to do everything I wanted, such as flying and travelling in few seconds from one town to another.... On one of these dreams I was totally aware of my awakening process....
SubhanaAllah it was so creepy....
I saw myself in my dark room by the dawn... my body was down lying on the bed, I saw the ceiling in front of my face.... my soul up there, it was outside the body .... and then slowly it began to go down... and finally my soul entered my body like and i was totally aware of that... and i was scaried... I felt a huge pressure on my jaws and my teeth hurted when my soul finally fitted in... and I was then able to open my eyes....

I didn't had religion by that time but I ask for God to protect me and to guide me...

Later, when I was studying Islam I asked a sheikh about those dreams and that experience... He asked me to recite ayatul kursi every night before sleeping... I did that and alhamdulillah I've never had those dreams again altough I felt powerful on those dreams... I wasn't sure if it could harm me or not....

So, this is the best thing to do... to trust in Allah swt...


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Yeah I can only recall a Lucid dream I had in childhood. The bad thing is that if you do have a bad dream and end up aware of it , it might be more frightning than anything. But in lucid dreams emotions will wake up the body saying something is wrong and the dream will end right there so controlling it can be VERY hard