Osama bin Laden is dead, says US

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WASHINGTON -- Osama bin Laden was unarmed when Navy SEALs burst into his room and shot him to death, the White House said Tuesday, a change in the official account that raised questions about whether the U.S. ever planned to capture the terrorist leader alive.

The Obama administration was still debating whether to release gruesome images of bin Laden's corpse, balancing efforts to demonstrate to the world that he was dead against the risk that the images could provoke further anti-U.S. sentiment. But CIA Director Leon Panetta said a photograph would be released.

"I don't think there was any question that ultimately a photograph would be presented to the public," Panetta said in an interview with "NBC Nightly News." Asked again later by The Associated Press, he said, "I think it will."
Asked about the final confrontation with bin Laden, Panetta said: "I don't think he had a lot of time to say anything." The CIA chief told PBS NewsHour, "It was a firefight going up that compound. ... I think it - this was all split-second action on the part of the SEALs."

Panetta said that bin Laden made "some threatening moves that were made that clearly represented a clear threat to our guys. And that's the reason they fired."
The SEALs were back in the U.S. at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington for debriefing on the raid, lawmakers said after meeting with Panetta.

The question of how to present bin Laden's death to the world is a difficult balancing act for the White House. President Barack Obama told Americans that justice had been done, but the White House also declared that bin Laden's body was treated respectfully and sent to rest in a somber ceremony at sea.

Panetta underscored on Tuesday that Obama had given permission to kill the terror leader: "The authority here was to kill bin Laden," he said. "And obviously, under the rules of engagement, if he had in fact thrown up his hands, surrendered and didn't appear to be representing any kind of threat, then they were to capture him. But they had full authority to kill him."

For the long-term legacy of the most successful counterterrorism operation in U.S. history, the fact that bin Laden was unarmed is unlikely to matter much to the Americans he declared war against. President George W. Bush famously said he wanted bin Laden "dead or alive," and the CIA's top counterterrorism official once promised to bring bin Laden's head back on a stake.

Yet just 24 hours before the White House acknowledged that bin Laden had been unarmed, Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, said: "If we had the opportunity to take bin Laden alive, if he didn't present any threat, the individuals involved were able and prepared to do that."

Will it matter around the world? Some may try to make much of it in Pakistan and elsewhere.

"This country has gone through a lot of trauma in terms of violence, and whether or not he was armed is not going to make a difference to people who were happy to see the back of him," said Mosharraf Zaidi, a political analyst and columnist in Pakistan. "The majority have a mistrust of America and this will reinforce their mistrust of America."
Others may not even believe it.

"I think he was definitely armed and he was firing on U.S. commandos," said Hamid Mir, an anchor for Geo Television. "Osama told me many times that he will not surrender; he claimed that he will fight and I think he was fighting."

In Washington, the issue will become part of the political debate over Obama's terror policies. His national security team had offered differing accounts of what would happen if the U.S. ever had a chance to kill or capture bin Laden. And Republicans have criticized the president for shutting down the CIA's controversial network of overseas prisons and trying to close Guantanamo Bay, moves they say have left the U.S. with few options for interrogating terrorists.

On Monday, the White House said bin Laden was involved in a firefight, which is why the SEALs killed rather than captured him. On Tuesday, however, White House press secretary Jay Carney said bin Laden did not fire on the SEALs. He said bin Laden resisted but offered no specifics. Bin Laden's wife rushed the SEALs when they stormed the room, Carney said, and was shot in the calf

"Bin Laden was then shot and killed," Carney said. "He was not armed."
That was one of many official details that have changed in the two days since bin Laden was killed. A White House transcript misidentified which of bin Laden's sons was killed – it was Khalid, not Hamza. Officials incorrectly said bin Laden's wife died in gunfire while serving as his human shield. That was actually bin Laden's aide's wife, and she was just caught in cross fire, the White House said Tuesday.

Carney attributed those discrepancies to the fog of war, saying the information was coming in bit by bit and was still being reviewed.
"We provided a great deal of information with great haste in order to inform you, and through you the American public, about the operation and how it transpired and the events that took place there in Pakistan," Carney told reporters Tuesday. "And obviously some of the information came in piece by piece and is being reviewed and updated and elaborated on."

Five people were killed in the raid, officials said: Bin Laden; his son; his most trusted courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, and al-Kuwaiti's wife and brother.

After killing the world's most wanted terrorist, the SEAL team in just minutes quickly swept bin Laden's compound for useful intelligence, making off with a cache of computer equipment and documents. The CIA was hurriedly setting up a task force to review the material from the highest level of al-Qaida's leadership.

The documents provide a rare opportunity for U.S. intelligence. When a mid-level terrorist is captured, his bosses know exactly what information might be compromised and can change plans. When the boss is taken, everything might be compromised but nobody knows for sure.
Al-Kuwaiti inadvertently led intelligence officials to bin Laden when he used a telephone last year to talk with someone the U.S. had wiretapped. The CIA then tracked al-Kuwaiti back to the walled compound in a town near Islamabad.

The home was bigger than those nearby, and there were no phone lines or Internet cables running to it. But other than that, it didn't stand out in the neighborhood, where residents tend to be very religious and jealous of their privacy. The walls are mold-stained, there are trees in the garden and the windows are hidden. Once, when a woman involved in a polio vaccine drive turned up at the driveway, the men at the gate took the vaccine, apparently to administer to the 23 children at the compound, and told her to go away.

The Pakistani government has denied suggestions that its security forces knew anything about bin Laden's hideout or failed to spot suspicious signs. But in the closed-door briefing for lawmakers Tuesday, Panetta said, "Pakistan was involved or incompetent," a U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the private briefing.

Pakistan formally criticized the raid Tuesday, calling it an "unauthorized unilateral action." While the statement suggested further strain in U.S. relations with an important but at times unreliable counterterrorism ally, Pakistan is unlikely to have much world support for criticizing the successful mission.

Though Monday's pre-dawn raid on that compound was a major counterterrorism victory, there had been no guarantee of success. Government analysts suspected bin Laden was living there but could never prove it. Satellite surveillance provided the military with images to plan its strike but never captured a picture of bin Laden on the property.
With no assurance that bin Laden would be there, sending troops into Pakistan was a risky call. The SEALs could storm a compound and find no terrorists at all, leaving Pakistan furious about a U.S. military incursion. Or the Pakistani military, not realizing what was going on, could send its own air force to attack the SEAL team.

"What if you go down and you're in a firefight and the Pakistanis show up and start firing?" Panetta said in an interview with Time. "How do you fight your way out?"

With officials at the CIA and the White House watching on television monitors, tensions increased when one of the two Black Hawk helicopters lowered into the compound and, beneath a moonless sky, fell heavily to the ground. Officials believe that was due to higher-than-expected air temperature that interfered with the chopper's ability to hover – an aeronautical condition known as "hot and high."

Photos released by the White House show the president and national security team watching tensely as events unfolded. The CIA director said neither he nor Obama saw bin Laden shot.

The SEALs all got out of the downed helicopter and proceeded into the compound. As they swept through the property, they handcuffed those they encountered with plastic zip ties and pressed on in pursuit of their target, code-named Geronimo. Many SEAL team members carry helmet-mounted cameras, but the video beamed back to Washington did not show the fateful showdown with bin Laden, officials said.

That word came from the SEALs on the ground: "Geronimo EKIA" –

enemy killed in action.

The CIA's makeshift command center erupted in applause as the SEALs helicoptered to safety.

Now, the agency's attention turns to finding the intelligence in the computer files, flash drives, DVDs and documents hauled out of the compound. All of that is in Washington and the analysis has begun. The SEALs also confiscated phone numbers from bin Laden's body, and those might provide new leads for investigators. If the intelligence provides the kind of insight about al-Qaida operations that officials hope, the U.S. could deliver follow-up strikes against al-Qaida's remaining leaders.
Associated Press writers Kimberly Dozier, Donna Cassata, Alan Fram, , Darlene Superville, Ben Feller, Erica Werner, Pauline Jelinek, Robert Burns and Matthew Lee in Washington, Chris Brummitt in Islamabad and Nahal Toosi and Zarar Khan in Abbottabad contributed to this report.


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You may want to learn about the life of Geronimo and how he is viewed in his role in American history. The fact that Osama was given that as a codename speaks volumes to the respect that the USA had for him. Respect for his military prowess and skill. It also speaks on the healthy fear that the USA had for him.


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Unless this stops and people carry on covering their crimes through shameless propaganda there are gonna be Millions of Bin ladens, don't rejoice this fast.What a low cry of glory to perpetuate the claim of having killed one man after 10 years.Is this what you have come to?To me this is the sequel of an empire in decline and in a deep identity crisis ,the hype of a whole nation on Prozac who refuse to recognize the truth ready to swallow anything that makes it feel better to live through illusion, because it overstretched through military expansionism, and living beyond it's means at the cost of others.This will not last forever,the power balance among nations have changed all across history.Muslims all around the world are waking up and getting rid of the dictators that you placed in power.You will never succeed in fighting Islam in whatever way you might wanna call it never!You can kill all the bodies you want as long as u have a certain technological advantage but you will never kill the faith in the heart, and the more you kill the more it grows,strong nations are born out of bloodshed sadly. It is hilarious how after loosing thousand and thousand of lives and turning the whole world opinion against you,you still don't get it.The bottom line is,eventough I will never agree on killing civilians,go tell your government that we are free people,and as free men we will live and die for our convictions ,that it is time for them to pack up and return back to their Island with their tail between their legs and sunken heads , that there will be a time when they will have to payback for all the crimes in this life and in the hereafter,there is no doubt about it.Either you come to terms and stop pointing a gun at humanity,or it will be the Muslims one day to teach you the biggest lesson you ever had,sooner or later.

Abu Talib

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Well you could see how Americans are changing their statements every minute now they say he wasn't armed but resisted the NAVY SEALS...lol a 54 year old man can resist guys who are the finest assassins.

They still claim his photos are gruesome to show so deciding whether or not to release. You proudly showed beheadings killings by terrorist in Afghanistan so that weren't gruesome ?


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“It's not justice. It's a perversion of the term. Justice means taking someone to court, finding them guilty upon evidence and sentencing them,” Robertson told Australian Broadcasting Corp television from London."

it may well have been a cold-blooded assassination.



now that you mentioned that, President Obama said:

justice has been done

rather than justice has been served

remember the president is a Harvard graduate, one of the top colleges in the USA and has the best law school in the country with my understanding.


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Obama has rejected the idea of releasing the photos of the corpse..

lol I hope he doesn't say showing pictures of dead bodies is haraam..

New York Times/CBS News poll showed Obama's approval ratings jumped 11 points to 57 per cent after the operation, though many Americans fear revenge attacks.




if he is really dead
~From Allah swt we come
And To Allah swt we shall return.

Pardon me
My respect goes to all your personal thought,

I can recall some said
It was Osama did 911
And on other hand there's many
do claimed the Jews was the one who did it
still we don't know!!!

All i knew that the 911 took place started off
after an attacked by USA On Iraq
then... And President Sadam Hussein Was Hanged to death after that,
all rumours speculated that many relative of the late Mr Osama Bin Laden was killed in the Iraq war.
and this was what happened after that.
It was personal.
Between Mr Bin Laden and the USA like a payback or something.

~May Allah swt protect all muslim~Amin!

Take Care!
~Wassalam :)


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:salam2:Many alleged Hijackers still alive!


Wednesday, February 09, 2011
911 Hijackers Still Alive. BBC Recorded A Press Conference Given By One.


Remember these two brothers who were supposed to have died on 911? Satam al Suqami, Wail and Waleed al Shehri - Ten years on, they're alive......

There is no doubt that eight of the eighteen supposed hijackers who were said to have died on 911 while crashing planes, are still alive. So why do a majority of British people think 911 was not a false flag theatricals designed to motivate America into war? That's because they haven't seen the clear evidence that it was, as the BBC chooses not to reveal it to a British audience.

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
The muscle hijackers 'picked by Bin Laden':
Satam al Suqami, Wail and Waleed al Shehri (two brothers) Both Alive, Abdul Aziz al Omari Alive, Fayez Banihammad (from the UAE), Ahmed al Ghamdi, Hamza al Ghamdi, Mohand al Shehri Alive, Saeed al Ghamdi Alive, Ahmad al Haznawi, Ahmed al Nami Alive, Majed Moqed, and Salem al Hazmi Alive (the brother of Nawaf al Hazmi).

Match the 'alive' hijackers to the planes they were on which were supposed to have crashed, on this website
How can the 9/11 Commission be taken seriously when they refer to alive 'hijackers'?





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maybe osama bin laden isn't really dead.maybe it wasn't killed from american,but he died for natural death.the image of saddam hussein showed to the people was really shocking.as I heard,at first they said that the face of osama was too destroyed to be showed,but after they said that they won't show osama's face because he's not a trophy.maybe they're still torturing him to have more informations,or maybe he's working with some secret association.


May Allah Forgive us

We all, specially the Muslims should be patient. I feel that soon InshAllah the truth will be clear from falsehood and that day no two Muslims will argue and they would know their common enemy.


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Note:The video below was recorded before 911,the radio host bill cooper is dead since:


Why did these people like the DC Madam die suddenly?



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I know why he gave it all up, I have always said his intelligence was what made him so very dangerous. He knew full well what he was doing at all times and thought it all out, that is why he was a dangerous man. I know the US has killed thousands of Muslims but how many have AQ killed? I don't see anyone condemning that when it happens, only when the West is involved. Killing innocent people is wrong period, I don't care who does the killing. I am very vocal about my government and its wrongs but I am not about to let Bin Laden and others off just because they are muslims as well. Murder is murder, there is no right or wrong when you kill innocent people.

slightly off topic but....

you rightly pointed out that osama killed many innocent people.... and he has now been exterminated without a fair trial. (we must remember - NOTHING has been proven against him in ANY court of law)

But let's just say that he did kill all those people and therefore deserved to die. Now here things get interesting.....

will the US handover the CIA chiefs, presidents, army chiefs, Secretaries of states in charge from 1945-present?

During this time the CIA/US has killed millions of innocent people in
Iraq x 2
and many more i cant recall atm

trained, hired or created numerous terrorist groups, uprisings, militants such as School or Americas, Blackwater/Xe, Dion corp, and many more...

This is off course separate from the support of turkey's, Israel's ethinc cleansing of kurds and arabs respectively, support of Saddam against Iran (a war that cost a millions lives), the cold war and almost every conflict post world war II

Will the American leaders, army, intelligence chiefs, and the public that votes them in, the tax payers who finance their military adventures be accountable?
How long will these double standards continue? Where is the famous American justice and democracy?

to other brothers and sisters who are free from American citizenship or bias. When are we going to stop crying and pleading innocence? We have seen it has no use as we have been trying it for decades in the UN and other useless organizations. Why do we still ally with kaafirs, in violation of clear cut verses of the Quraan? How long will it takes us to realize that this world is all about winners. Might is right!

If you kill a hundred people you are a terrorist and the world hates you..
eg. Che guverra, osama and many many others
If you kill a million people you are a conqueror and the world respects you..
eg. US, England, Japan and a few others over the years.

In essence, the qualifier for love and hate from the world is winning. Mass murders like Alexander are winners hence they are great. Others like Hitler lost hence they are evil.

Americans can get away with mass murders because they have WON the right to do so like the English, like russians, like Japanese and like Europeans before them. This is how this world works so stop arguing and begin working hard to make islam and muslim winners instead of losers that we are today!
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