palestine childrens "shahid insyaallah"


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jazakallah for the post.its very sad to see these sort of pictures, but how long do we remember our bothers and sister who are suffering like this all over the world, may allah protect all muslims all over the world from these evil people, may allah give sabar to there parents & families. AMEEN


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Brought tears to my eyes........
Jazakallah that I live in a country where I do not have to fear daily attacks like the people of Palestine. Why are people having to die? I too would take up arms if someone invaded my land / country and claimed it. No, Irael IS NOT the promised land. It WAS the promised land; but the Jews do not realise that it is no longer theirs because their forefathers went against Allah / God's word.
We should also blame the British - they formed the state of Israel by smuggling in Jews from Europe after WW11.

Now. the Palestinian people are fighting for decades with a peaceful existance not in sight