PDFs: For Non Muslims to discover islam


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Jazzaa Kallah

May Allah Give them HIDAYYA to all non-believers and May keep us as the efforts had been done MUHAMMAD (SAW) to move at people places for give them DAWAT E LAL LLAH (Bring the peopple towards Allah & Islam).


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as someone new, i thank you my brother for providing all this learning info about our faith, may peace and the blessings of Allah be with you


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:salam2: Brother Abu Sarah,

Your posts are always filled with knowledge. I look forward to reading them and discovering new reading material...Jazakallah khair respected brother!


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the conception of 'One God"

I've just discover this website. It seems very interestng and enriching. being a university student of Islamic studies, i would like your view on the conception and understanding of "One God' in Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

The Quran say

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The Quran Say

brother the information above are good for muslims too.God bless you.

Muhammad Legacy Of A Prophet


Muhammad:Legacy Of A Prophet a DVD documentary Produced by Alexander Kronemer and Michael Wolfe tells the story of the seventh century prophet who changed world history in 23 years, and continues to shape the lives of more than 1.2 billion people. Three years in the making, the film takes viewers not only to ancient Middle Eastern sites where Muhammad`s (Peace be upon him) story unfolds, but into the homes, mosques and workplaces of some America`s estimated seven million Muslims to discover the many ways in which they follow Muhammad`s (Peace be upon him) example.

Download [697 MB]

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I am so happy to be here among my brothers, this ia the first perticipation. I hope to spend fruitful moments with you.
Barak Allah fikom concerning this important collection of books.
We ask Allah to recompensate ypu with great rewards here and there.


I am Hindu Brahmin wanting to get a message for all Kafir non Muslims. Yes we are Kafir Hindu Brahmin. Shubha

Abu Juwairiya

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I would like to add some late contributions to the already enriched gems in the collection. May Allah highly reward, bless and honour the former (and inshallah future) posters of this thread, both in this World and the next. I will inshallah attach more Islamic e-books if there is an interest from other readers and permission from moderators to do so.


  • 33 Lessons For Every Muslim by Abdul Aziz S. Al Shomar, 76 Pages.pdf
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  • islaminfocus.pdf
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  • The Ten Nullifiers Of Islam.pdf
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  • Islam from a Contemporary Perspective By Muslim Author, 238 Pages.pdf
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  • When The Moon Split.pdf
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  • Human Rights in Islam by Muslim Author.pdf
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  • Man Made Laws Vs Shariah by Muslim Author.pdf
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  • Our Belief.pdf
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  • Prohibitions taken lightly.pdf
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  • The Sunnah And Its Role In Islamic Legislation by Dr. Mustafa As-Sibaee.pdf
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