photos from the uae .... صور من الامارات


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Masha'allah beautiful pics. would love to go there for a vacation when i grow up. i was born there but moved out after 4\5 months. so i have never discovered the beauty of this country.

wa 3alaikoum el salam wa rahmat'allah wa barakatou.
- manal.

u r welcome any time ( ^ _ ^)


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I was mostly impressed with the first photo because no any tall buildings and fake lakes or pools can compare to wonderful creation of Allaah ´aza wa jal.

I have to agree. That first one is my favorite! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!


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amazing developments, did you know both saudi and kuwait plan to build brand new modern cities just like dubai over the next few decades, these projects will aim to build even taller skyscrapers which dubai will hold by the end of the year.


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mashaallah!! i have to admit that the 1 pictures iss awsome :)!! but the other are so beautifull too!! mashallahh, u can't stop watching them ,
p.s. can anyone tell me how much is a flat or a house in dubai... an general price(just curious), because i know that houses are very very expensive there~


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mh.. ok ! thx, i know that in dubai housess are like the most expensive... but i was just curious of an general price, but if not in dubai, then in uae .. !?