Qana Lebanon No Comment Sad Video


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This is so sad of the people who have lost their loved ones. I sit here and watch the various videos of the current tragedies of destruction from lives that have been living to worship Allah, and what wrongs do they deserve? None....

Not kill innocent humans.



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al salam aalaykoum
chazakum Allah kul kheir yeah bad movies..for that reason i hate hizbullah
they want civil war suni and chiaa and war between lebanon and israel and who
will win for sure IRAN!!!

Abdul Hasib

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I hate thew Zalimun and I'll be glad when Hadrat Esa will come and help us. And of course Al Mahdi.
Allah knows best.


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SALAM brothers & sisters

the pictures only tell half the story
the actual devastation is far more than u can imagine
we have seen so many atrocities
but to witness another disaster in Qana
almost feels like fate is not on our side
these people were still reeling from the loss of their children or parents or relatives from the first israel bomb on Qana somee 10 years ago
but now inshallah these people we be better off having the army in the south as opposed to militants/guerillas