Question about fasting.


Thank You Allah!
Assalamu alaykum warahmatullah

I hope this finds you in the best of health and Imaan.

I have a stomach problem and these days I don't feel like eating anything, not even for Suhoor or Iftar. Fasting is easy for me because that way my parents won't force me to eat food during the day.
Sometimes during the day, I get into a terrible coughing fit and if there is food in my stomach, I throw it all out. So now I'm not eating...AT ALL.

Sometimes it helps to drink water but I can't do that during the day when I'm fasting.
School is going to start soon and it's going to be really hard for me to fast since I won't be able to drink water to help with the cough, and every two seconds I'll need to throw up, even if there's nothing in my stomach.
So I want to know, is it okay to stop fasting? I dont think the teachers will let me go to the washroom every two seconds because I'm feeling sick.

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Assalamou Alikom Warahamatou Allah,

Dear sister,
There is no point in fasting if it would cause you health problems. A Muslim is allowed to break the fast if he can not bear it for whatever (valid!) reason. As far as I understood you are very sick. Hence, my advice for you is to go and see a doctor before the situation gets worst.

And Allah knows best.



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Salamu alaykum

Did u see a doctor to c what is causing that? That sounds to me like a health issue. If it is a health issue maybe fasting is not healthy for u. U should consolidate a doctor and if they are not Muslim as about Ramadan and fasting.if it is ok for u to do.

Ifu are considered as a sick person, Allah says "who ever is sick or on a journey, then should make up same amount of days" al baqArah.

So a sick person can make up the same amount of missed days as soon as they are capable.

Allah knows best

Check for some fatwas regarding fasting while sick on

I'm at work so can't do some research for u.




Thank You Allah!
Walaykumu salaam warahmatullah

JazakAllahu khayr for your replies. InshaAllah I will see a doctor.