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hassana elkoussi

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As-salamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters,:hearts:

I came across these interesting questions & thought of sharing this quiz with u. The quiz is out of 10, so guess the answers to the questions, write down your grade and enjoy. The answers will be provided at the bottom.

1- Who's the Companion known as " Assadullah" i.e., the Lion of Allah SWT?
2- Mention an animal, a bird and an insect mentioned in the Quran.
3-Which Prophet was given full command of the jinn?
4- Who's the first Companion to recite the Quran in front of the disbelievers in Ka'ba ?
5- What's the greatest ayah in the Quran?
6-Who's the Prophet whose miracle was a she-camel coming out of a rock?
7-Which Prophet had the beauty of the people of Paradise?
8-Mention 2 Prophets who were maternal cousins.
9-Who became a Prophet as a result of his brother's du'aa (suppliction)?
10-Which Surah mentions the battle of Tabuk?

1- Hamza Ibn Abd al-Muttaleb ( The Prophet's cousin)
2- the elephant, the donkey/ hoopoo / ants, spiders
3- Sulaiman (PBUH)
4-Abdullah Ibn-Mas'oud ( rAa)
5-Ayat al Kursi
7-Yusuf ( PBUH )
8-'Isa ( Jesus ) & Yahia (PBU them)
9-Harun ( PBUH) as a result of Moses' supplication in Surah Taha.
10-Surah At-tawbah


hassana elkoussi

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Jazaaki Allaahu Khayran, sister. I got 9 out of 10 :)

Are you sure about number 6? My answer was prophet Saalih (Methoselah), peace be upon him.

Also quiz 2 has many more answers than the ones you gave.

Wa iyak, brother. So sorry about no. 6, it's a mistake. Yes, yr grade is 10 :ma:

Yes, i just gave a few examples for no. 2 Jazak Allah khairan

Fatima S.Ar

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Very Easy questions !
I hope it comes in religion subjests exams hehe

I took 10\10 Ma shaAllah

But I wanna point out that Hamza is prophet's uncle not prophet's cousin

Mosh keda ?