Quiz..try to answer it..


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i have quiz?

Do You afraid of the Day of judgement?
if so..
Why u Afraid?
what's the mistakes u feel..it's awful?and u 'll get punish?
it's interesting quiz,really

about my answer
i'm good girl,nice,treat everything softly,funny..do my best to be good muslim..
,i help in house work,obey mom,dad..that's about "YES"

about "NO"
sometimes,i feel that sometimes,i can't focus,well in my paryer..i 'm always in war with shyatan.. ..and i do my best to win,i'm talkative.,i hurt alot of guys feeling....in my school..cuz,of dates..and i don't like that,
i don't believe that love comes through hang out...,

and i worte love poems..so emotiove..for some one,i don't know him,i didn't meet him....but,i love to write love poems..
i dunno,if i'll get punish for writing poems or not?
but,the person,not exist..allah know..

that's my answer

what about ur answer?
i'd love to read bro,sis's answers in TTI

salam o likum


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el salamm alaycom wa rahmat ALLAH

If do i fear in the Day of Judgement?...of course i do....we all must fear Allah and the Day of Judgement.First of all:i'm not a muslim...my dream is to become on day a muslim.....and i'm working in it..with Allah's help i wil be there where i belong to.I'm almost like u:am a good girl,i lv my parents,i lv everybody who lvs me,am more closer to ALLAH,i ask for forgivenss everyday.
Dont wory about writhing lv poems..this is not a big issue to think of it...it's normal to write something so beautiful for someone u lv.
U must always trust Allah..put ur trust in HIM....and always do ur best to win in everything...ENSHALLAH

Allah bles u and give u wat u want


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This is a good thread. I'm most scared of my prayers not being accepted and if i ever turn into a hypocrite without knowing! I always pray to Allah to not make me among the hypocrites because i fear that my good deeds will go to waste. That's my biggest fear!!!