Quran and Last Ten Surahs – A Great Start to Begin with

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    Quran is a divine book of knowledge that is a great guidance for Muslims regarding this world and also for the life hereafter. It is a combination of different chapters and each chapter occupies numerous verses, Every Surah ends up with great conclusions that directs an human mind to explore different terriers of the world. Different app stores present numerous apps featuring Quran Surahs. The one developed by QuranReading.com is Last Ten Surahs that is a collection of Short Surahs of Quran. The particular application is available for Android and iPhone users without any cost. Links to get this beautiful application are as following:

    Application provides you a list of salient features, details about them are as following:

    1. Application provides you verses in prominent Arabic script along with its English transliterations for user convenience while reading Quran verses. It also provides you verse-to-verse translation to have better understanding about Surahs.
    2. Along with many other great features application also provides you a great feature of Listen to verses. You can listen to different recitations be recorded by an expert reciters considering proper tajweed rules.
    3. Furthermore, application also provides you a feature to modify your app screen, which includes selection of reciter for recitation, change font size and color, and many other options that you can explore by using.
    4. Application also provides you a feature of sharing this app with your friends and family using email and other social networking sites.

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