Quran Quran Now Application for Smartphones

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    Holy Quran is a complete Islamic book revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Reciting Learning and memorizing this Holy book is one of the key to success in and after life. As Each verse of Holy Quran is of much importance in terms of religious as well as daily life significance for Muslims. In this world where every person is in a state of confusion how to manage his time Mobile Application is one of the perfect ways of learning, memorizing and reciting Holy Quran with Tajweed.



    Full Quran: As it is clear from this feature that this application contains complete 114 Surahs of Quran in correct order. With that it also allows you to go to specific Surah or Verse add more stars to this application.

    Arabic to English Translation: One of the main features of this application is Arabic to English Translation of verses of holy Quran, very helpful for all those whose native language is English to understand the meaning of verses clearly.

    Customization of Display Settings: Eye catching graphics and user choice to select from three different Arabic fonts their size, graphic settings with that to set time as a reminder for recitation according to his comfort increases the quality of this mobile application.

    Recitation:Recitation of Holy Quran in heart melting voices different Qari’s and with that user choice to select recitation from one of them sustain his interest in listening Quran. In addition to this you will also able to bookmark the specific Verse or Surah so that after sometime when you again come you will not find any difficulty to begin recitation.

    Download Complete Recitation: This feature allows you to download Full 114 Surahs recitation of Quran audio in mp3 separately.

    Arabic to English conversion of Verses:if you are unable to read verses of Quran in english conversion is also able in this application. So that you will get the maximum benefit from this feature.

    Click Here to Download Quran Now Application

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