Quran Recitor Sh. Ali Al-A'jami:Wallahi Aqsa will not return except with Jihad!


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Shaykh Ajami: Dear Brother

What are we expecting from Human Rights (organisations)?

What are we expecting from the UN?

The UN, I swear by Allah, that whoever has red blood flowing through their veins and they are killed. They (UN) would never wait (like the Muslims are waiting for the World to respond and protect the Palestinians); they would set in motion (immediately) and gathered the nations of the world.

However, these (Palestinians) have Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism) flowing through their veins. So, what are we hoping for from the World Human Rights (organisations)? I swear by Allah, if they (Palestinians) prostrated themselves to a cow, or they exhorted (worshipped) fire, they (UN etc) would have commanded for their rights (Palestinians) to be protected and guarded.

As for these (Palestinians), they prostrate themselves to Allah, their Lord. They submit themselves to Islam, and they follow their Prophet and Messenger, Mohammed (saw).

The death toll has now reached 384 (this was at the time the Sheik spoke out) - what are you waiting for O Arab leaders!!!??? I swear by Allah that Al-Aqsa will not return (to the hands of the Muslims) except with Jihad.

We have had enough (enough is enough)!!!

Proclaim Jihad O Jamaa'ah (party) of good!!!

Leave us!!! Leave us to be sincere to Allah, the Mighty, the Majestic, and the Lord of the Worlds. So that the events that are taking place in Gaza, will be a means or returning (restoring) honour to this Ummah (Nation).

We have had enough of abasement!

We have had enough of subjection to the children of apes and swines!

what are we hoping (wanting) from them? I swear by Allah, they do not fulfil (adhere to) their oaths nor their covenants of protection. They have killed Prophets (of Allah), destroyed cultivation (crops and vegetation) and civilizations (progeny/offspring). Are you expecting and anticipating from these who have treachery and betrayal flowing through their veins.

However my dear brother, I ask Allah that he makes this pure and innocent (Palestinian) blood, into a fire (Naar) and a light (Noor). A fire for the enemies of this Ummah. They (the enemies) are not the Jews, rather, it is those who stand behind them, who embrace (the jews) aid and assist them. A fire that consumes those who exasperate us (vex) in regard to our brothers.

A light that illuminates this Ummah just like its honour, glory and its jihad.

We have had enough of talk my brothers!

O Awliya Umoorinaa, walee's of our matters (Muslim Leaders, Imams etc) unite! What are we lacking (missing)!!?? We have money, fortunes, oil, power (military), honour and equipment/materials (war).

So do not become weak (against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior (in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers. (3:139)

Therefore my brothers, we should band (rally) together. Therefore my brothers, we should (all) unite.

DUA!!! DUA!!! (SUPPLICATIONS)! Whoever is able to donate (to the Palestinian cause) should do so. Whoever is able to go, should go. We have had enough now!

Interviewer: Shaykh Ahmad Bin Ali Alajmi, you are (currently) in Saudi, what is the interaction of our brothers from amongst the youths of Saudi like, with what is happening to their brothers and families in Gaza?

Shaykh Ajmi: I swear by Allah my beloved brother, I testify by Allah, that this pure and innocent blood has awakened us all from our slumber. Constantly and fervently, (the plight of Palestinians in Gaza is being mentioned) from the tongues of our brothers in the Masjids, by text messages and even amongst themselves. The Ummah, All Praise is due to Allah, is good-regardless of whether it is in Saudi, or the gulf or other Islamic countries.

If these critical conditions do not unite us, then by Allah, there is no khayr (good) in us. I pray that we return our Ikhlas (sincerity), with Allah, the Mighty, the Majestic - just as the Ummah has done so When its sincerity diminished (decreased) or when we had lost it. (By returning to Ikhlas) Their (i.e. kuffar's) gathering (unity) will become disperse (disunited) - this is binding upon us.

DOGs! I swear by Allah, they adorn these organisations of falsehood with animals, but whenever there is a our brothers are murdered/massacred they say: "These matters are internal affairs, and these and these". Where is your humanity!!!??? Whenever one of us is killed, we are killed in cold blood.

No, I swear by Allah! No, I swear by Allah! Even though Salaah Ad-deen has died (may Allah have mercy upon him), there are a thousands of Salaah Ad-Deens in our Ummaah. RISE! O Salaah (Ad-deen) and witness Al-Aqsa which you liberated.

Indeed, this religion is mighty and strong, never will it die in the hearts (of the believers), rather it will surge, divide and then return.

Al-Aqsa will be liberated in spite of the thousands of jews, and it (Al-Aqsa) will return to those days when it fell under the protection of the Muslims, with the Permission of Allah, the All-Mighty.

Interviewer: We ask Allah the All-Mighty, that he makes all this a reality for u. We request that you make a dua and reassure us before you leave so that Allah, the Glorious, the most High, will listen to us and answer our supplications.

Shaykh: Allah is the One whom help is sought from. I ask Allah that he bestows us with Ikhlas that he makes this speech an evidence for us on the Day of Judgement, and to make that which we have just heard and witnessed an evidence for us and not against us, because my dear brother, we are slack (negligent).

We fear that another (Muslim) country will become a suffering (an agony for the Ummah).

Every single day we have injured (Muslims), in Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya and others. Likewise, we are Muslims, and we have honour, but when we entrust ourselves to other than Allah, Allah will commit us to our own selves and to our enemies, who are playing with our blood and our honour.

O Allah we ask You because you are Allah, You are alone and have no partner. There is nothing at all worthy of worship except You. You are the One and Unique. There is nothing in the Heavens above, nor the earth below that bares any resemblance to You. You are the One, who does not beget, nor was You begotten. We testify that you are the king, the Strong, the Omnipotent, the King, the All Capable, the All Determing, the Ever Dominant, the Remover of Fear, the Bestower of Security, the Eminent, the All Forgiving.

O Allah! We complain to you about the blood of brothers which is being spilt in Gaza, honour which is being annihilated, sanctity (sacredness) being violated, masjids being destroyed, homes being raised to the ground, schools being wrecked, farms/fields being burned, children being orphaned, women being widowed.

(O Allah!) We have no Lord besides You. O Allah defend Your believing slaves, start Your army of Tawheed, transfer (Palestine/Al-asqsa) from the Jewish oppressors to us. O Allah send Your anger and punishment upon them. O Allah set their hearts on fire as they have exasperated our hearts over our brothers.

O Allah, O the One who destroyed Aa'd and the tyrannical Thamud. As for A'd, you destroyed them with a furious violent wind, and you seized Pharaoh and his army with a strong punishment, (O Allah) destroy the tyrannical and arrogant jews; do not spare any of them in Gaza.

O Allah, they have transgressed beyond bounds and have spread corruption and mischief throughout the lands (world). O Allah, pour upon them different kinds of severe punishment, lie in ambush for them, destroy them as you destroyed those who were tall, like lofty pillars (i.e. Aa'd).

O Allah support our brothers with soldiers from Your army, assist them with the Ru'h (Angel Gabriel) from You, guard and protect them with Your eye that never sleeps, entrust them under Your guardianship and protection. O Allah, the All-Strong, the All-Mighty

O Allah, we complain to you about our weakness, our lack of stratagem, our lowly position amongst people. O Allah, The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

You are our Lord, and the Lord of the weak...