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    Quran Therapy is a mind blowing Religious application for you. It focuses your diseases and provides you cure from Holy verses of Quran. The app is brilliantly made for your easiness with easy navigation tabs and cool graphics & Interface. The main app menu includes diseases, symptoms, dhikar , cure (healing method) with some Special Ayaat e Shifa.

    Download free Quran Therapy - Quran se rohani ilaj now



    No of Diseases & their Symptoms:

    The app holds a huge list of diseases which you can choose with symptoms according to each disease.

    Main Diseases:

    • Eye diseases

    • Skin diseases

    • Heart problems

    • Kidneys issues

    • Bones and joints troubles

    • Muscles fatigue

    • Psychological diseases

    Dhikar & Cure:

    In dhikar tab you will find the healing prayers and cure section guides you about the way to heal.

    Ayaat e Shifa:

    These are 6 Holy Ayahs for recitation in general sickness

    Reference tab:

    Reference tab helps to find the source of quoted verse in the application.
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