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    Sahih Muslim is Hadith App. which provides you complete books of Sahih Muslim Hadith. Sahih Muslim Hadith is second most praised by Muslim. Sahih Muslim Hadith is compiled by Imam Muslim. This app provides you authentic information of Hadith so that you can read and memorize any where you want.

    Download Sahih Muslim for Android | Download Sahih Muslim for iOS

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    Feature of App:
    • This app provide you authentic information of Hadith .you can use it for future reference.
    • This app contains complete List of Hadith Book.
    • It is further dived so that you can find Hadith related to specific Saying of Holly Prophet (PBUH).
    • You can set any Hadith to your favorite, so that next time you can easily find it.If you feel about any Hadith to be shared with your circle you can do it by using the Share on social media feature.
    • Attractive and eye catching interface attract your intensions.
    • You want to find any Hadith related to specific word you can do it by using search feature and also search reference of any Hadith to find that Hadith.
    • You can customize the theme according to your liking. you can change font size ,color and background .
    • Daily Hadith reminder provides you daily random Hadith. so that every day you can learn new Hadith.

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