Salaah Al-Hashem Recitation: Clarity


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I discovered this recitation during Ramadaan and I thought 'Wow ..this is so clear.' Its an immaculate recitation, every word is clearly and precisely audible.

Accuracy and precision are different by definition, but I think he does a good job at both.

Surah Yusuf up to Ayah 80 or so.

Surah Maryam

And I found lots more here



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wa alikoum salam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

masch'Allah good recitation
jazaka Allahu khairan brother "al-fajr"
wa salam alikoum


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Im slightly put out by how common knowledge this recitor is, and no one ever told me ..

He recites in Mishari Rashid Al Afasy's masjid fil Kuwait..



What planet do I live on 90% of the time to have come accross this only last month?! rolleyes..(no one answer that. Shh)