Salaam, I am new & wish to introduce myself


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Salam alaikum, My name is Brother Eric Wenger. I am a Muslim American convert originally from Minnesota. I now live in South Dakota, which is where I was introduced to Islam.

I was first introduced to Islam through a young neighbor boy who used to come to visit me at my home. Then later he asked him mother to bring me a Quran, so I could read. I love reading & I had read most other commonly available books on religion. But I had never read a Quran. So, though I live in a town with only 29 houses, I was blessed with a Muslim family living near me, who was willing to share their faith. She brought over the Quran & I started reading it. I was amazed at what I read. After about a year, I chose to embrace Islam. But not until after I had clarity as to the issue of "Image makers" and "images". YOu see I am a sculptor by training & occupation. I MADE Images! Some Brothers tried skirting the issue with me, fearing that I would reject Islam if they told me the truth. However, my young friend's mother wasn't so shy about laying down the law, as it where. She got the hadiths & the verses in Quran found & printed them all off, so that I could read them. After reading them, I quit making sculptures of human beings (which is what I was trained in). I embraced Islam & now I only make Islamic calligraphy sculptures & abstract sculptures. Nothing that shows images of living things. Alhumdulillah. As for that strong willed Muslim mother of my young friend..... I married her! A Man's got to do what a man's got to do. I respected her strength & alhumdulillah, she was a single divorced mother who was willing to keep up with me. We've been married since 1998. We live in the same small town in eastern South Dakota, that we met in. We have a small art gallery here, which only has Islamically appropriate art. Insha Allah, with time it will take off as a business, at least on the internet. In the meantime I work as a welder in a nearby town to keep food on the table.


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welcome brother...
Inshallah you will be able to share your knowledge with the rest of us as well as receive in return
Personally, I think this is a great forum for all muslims
Inshallah, you will be able to appreciate it soon if not already
Your sister in Islam,


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Assalamualaikum Akhi Eric,

Welcome to TTI. Hopefully you will benefit from the forum as much as I did.

Jazakkallahu Khayran for sharing.

Simply amazing. It seems we are getting exemplary brothers and sisters in the West even as we of the east turn to decadence. It should serve as a warning to us that we need Islam and Islam doesn't need us. If we don't get our act together Allah will raise another people who will be better Muslims...that's what appears to be happening these days.


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Salaam alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe

Dear brother and family,

Subhan'Allah. I'm very happy for you that Allah (Subhana wa ta'alla) has guided you to Islam and your wife...macha'Allah.
May Allah (Subhana wa ta'alla) guide you and your family on the straight path and insha'Allah reward you with Paradise..ameen.

Wa salaamoe alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe
Your sister in Islam, Aicha


For a long time, I was thinking that Islam belonged to the people of the east, and this opinion was intensified by the westerners' approach in general. A few years back, I noticed that I had a shaky opinion. Now looking at the numerous examples, including yours, I came to believe that Islam belongs to those who know how to observe it.
It does not recognise and does not need georgraphical boundries, colours, languages...etc
Islam is the truth and reaches the truth seekers and departs from those who lose interest in the truth.
I ask allah to make us all better muslims and spread the rays of light to all the corners of the world


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Waalikkum Salam Brother,

welcome to the amazing website,

May Allah help you and your family.....


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welcome bro :)))

:salam2: bro
Alhamdulillah for being blessed with the deen :allahuakbar:
May ur business boomed too if Allah wills if not at least u been blessed with the deen,, a young boy n ur wife which is more precious i presume
Do enjoy ur stay here hopefully u gained more islamic knowledge n increases in eeman :inshallah:
:wasalam: :hijabi:

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Assalamu Alykum brother! Mashallah that you accepted Islam, I know that it will make a great benefit in your life and the hereafter. Mashallah for your wife who helped introduce you to Islam.


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Welcomr to the TTI forum dear brother in Islam,

It is very astonishing and at the same time touching to hear the different in wordings but at the core similar stories of our brothers and sisters that have found the true Path, whom Allah (swt) has made it possible, to enter Islam.
That is a Mercy from Allah (swt) indeed, subhanallah.

Reading your short but very wonderful story indeed has moved me. You see, this is the beaty of the strong Eeman that Allah (swt) gives to His servants. And your decision to follow up and abide by the rules and regulations that Allah (swt) has set for us, shows such an Eeman and love towards Allah (swt).

May Allah (swt) give you and your family the best in this and the hereafter insha'Allah.

I hope you enjoy your time here and profit from it as well.


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Welcome brother to TTI forum.

Your story about quitting making any more sculptures when your young friend laid down all the evidences against it in front of you, reminded me of the Prophet`s companions who quit drinking immediately after hearing the Ayah prohibiting it. That is a sign of a strong Iman and sicerity. May Allah reward you and your family.



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Assalamu Alaikum brother EricWenger,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope you and your family all the best in this world and in the hereafter.



Wassalamu Alaikum


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Allhamdullilh Allhamdullilah, welcome brother and i hope you benefite from this website and increase your knowledge of islam. Asalamu Aleykom Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.:hijabi:


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Assalamualaikum brother. May Allah (SWT) reward and bless your family for the sacrifice that you've made for the sake of Allah. Wasalam.


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Simply amazing. It seems we are getting exemplary brothers and sisters in the West even as we of the east turn to decadence. It should serve as a warning to us that we need Islam and Islam doesn't need us. If we don't get our act together Allah will raise another people who will be better Muslims...that's what appears to be happening these days.

Could'nt put it better so I thought I will just quote Br. Jehanze!

Brother Eric, You don't realsie how blessed you are. Not only did Allah show you the true path, But gave you Taufeeq to give up your haraam profession ( Believe me that is not easy!) and gave a good Muslimah as your wife. Man I am jealous of you.:mashallah:


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Wa alaykum salam wa Rahmatullah,

welcome dear brother! :) Jazakallahu khayr for sharing your beautiful story.

May Allah reward you and the family that helped you to Islam - Ameen.

May Allah give us all the Eeman and courage that is needed to live as close as possible to the way of the Prophet and his companions.

Again, welcome to the website and inshaAllah we will speak again!!



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Asalam Alakum Wa Rahmet Allah Wa Barakatu

Welcome to TTI. It is really great to have you join us. And most important welcome to Islam.
I would like to thank you for sharing your lovely story which i found very interesting. May Allah reward your wife for being strong and helping you convert into islam.

May Allah reward every Muslim with Al-Jennah.

Wasalam Alakum