salaams.....another question....


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As Salamu Alaikum....can sum one tell me who are the 3 prophets that the jews are responsible for their death....inshallah.


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Isa, Yahya, and Uzair, rA.

Jesus, John, and Uzair(Jews worshipped him like Christians worship Jesus; Both claim the son of God.)

also they killed many prophets, even when Allah sent them 2 or 3. They would kill them and if not chase them out.

please do forgive me if I am error. I was first thinking Elias as the third, but I don't recall.



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Jesus was not killed but it looked like they killed him.They also tried to kill our beloved prophet(peace be upon him).In another words they intended to kill many prophets but didn't succeeded in their plans.Not just 3 prophets.


Striving for Janatul firdous
Salaams Ahsen you are absolutly correct,.....why didnt I remember that myself??? alhamdulilah.....soo Yaya alaihis salaam, Zakariyah and im looking for another on inshallah..


You mean to say who are the known prophets. Remember there were 124,000 prophets in all and many of them were killed. However, we only know a few of them. So who knows who was killed by whom amongst the remainder of them?