Salafi mosque in Dubai ?


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Salam brothers and sisters,

hope you're all in a good state of Iman and health. I have just relocated to Dubai and is now living here permanently. I want to know if anyone knows of a mosque in Dubai where they give khutba (sermon) in english and also has regular lectures and classes on various topics (in english). In my previous residing country i used to attend a mosque where they used to have classes every week on Koran, fiqh, shareeah and so on.. also we used to have guest lecturers delivering lectures on various topics.. and yes also a lot of brotherhood. But unfortunately, i feel so home sick now as i am not aware of any mosque as such in here as i am still new but i am sure there will be somewhere where i can find the same type of atmosphere as mentioned with a lot of activites going on.

If anyone knows about can you please let me know..

jazak allah.