salam alikom swedich wommen her.


Umm Zubayr

welcome, welcome and var ee du!! (now i am not sure what that means and i'm sure i spelt it wrong), i love this site, i can practise my unskopen languages, i love it

take careee

:hearts: :hearts: :hearts:



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Assalaam Alaikum Sister aicha_75,

Welcome to TTI and as you have seen many Scandinavian Sisters and Brothers for Support and guidance, so you are not alone and inshAllah can further your Iman with every passing day.

MashAllah lots of Swedish and Norwegian reverts here, where are the Danes? Look forward to seeing many posts from Danish Brothers and Sisters soon too inshAllah.

Take care Sister, remember us in your prayers and keep posting.

Fi amanAllah


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Asalam Alakum,

Welcome to TTI,

It’s nice to have u join this lovely community.

Insha Allah u benefit from us as we from u.

Enjoy ur stay Insha Allah,

Take Care,


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Welcome to TurnToIslam sister :SMILY206: . I'm too am a new member on this site. I hope you'll like this site as much as I do.


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Whats so funny about them?HUH......u jealous u cant talk like me?LOL!!!!!!!

I guess you guys are really porvoking laughter here.:lol: :lol:

Anyways Syster Aicha "velkomen til TTI".:SMILY206: :SMILY139:
You will surley learn a lot here @ TTI wid our gifted bros/Siss
Well never knew we had a lot of scandinavia bros & sis here too.Its is truly amazing to see Allah (Subahnhu Wataa'lla)'s light reaching every where.:ma:

Abdul Hasib

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Whats so funny about them?HUH......u jealous u cant talk like me?LOL!!!!!!!
Whatever sister I'm glad I don't think like you! like going to school and Universaty, and then make medicine, or be a surgeon. Blah blah blah!

This is my plan.

2.Memorize the Quran over there and even go for an Alim course.
3.After passing the Hafez class AND Alim class, go to a Sheik who is well known for his reciting. My one is Sjeik Meshary Al Afasi.
4.After being able to memorize the Quran, learn the meaning, IN ARABIC, and learn the Arabic language, then I'm good to go fight Jihad. And I'll make dua and Dawah too before I become a Mujahid. And I think I will get married. But only with a sister who loves Allah and wears Hijab. And she's gotta be nice! And she'll have to like me too (I don't want to have family fights or a break up!). And I'd be pleased with her if she weared a Niqab when we go around or outside in Infidel places. But I'm never going to walk into a mall-that haraam place is what the Infidels like. Ecspecially the opposite genders! But anyway I'll love her if she follows the Sunnah or really wants to follow it; if she loves Jihad and she loves the Shaheeds then I'll love her. AND if she agrees that we won't let our kids to mix or be with or like the Infidels. Maybe moving to a Muslim country will help. THer's not that much differance betweeen America and Britain. But anyway the only cartoons they'll watch are Islamic cartoons, the only history they'll know about is Islammic histroy, the only Shcool they're gonna go to is a Madrasha and they better not allow cursing and bad stuff. And it's gonna be a boys only or girls only.



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U sure have a big Imagination. LOL

U know u can do all that by attending school.!

Let me tell u a little something, Alhamdlillah so far i have memorized half the quran with meaning and Insha Allah i will finish the other half. U see i go to a public school in NY at the same time i attend quran classes on friday through sunday. I dont see whats wrong with doing both.

The fact that i want to go to college is because i want 2 make a difference in the Muslim world. U want to fight(jihad) thats good, wallah, wallah that has been always my dream. Ever since i was a little girl i have dreamed of going 2 palestine and fighting for the sake of Allah, but its tough right now. So the fact that i cant go fight makes me want 2 finish my education. IF U CANT FIGHT WITH UR HANDS FIGHT WITH UR MIND.

Insha Allah u accomplish what u want but dont think about leaving school yet especially at this age. Trust me its hard 2 get anywhere if u dont go 2 school. If u want 2 fight fi sabeel Allah, than show it not by fighting with ur hands fight with ur mind first. Show everyone what Muslims r capable of, that Muslims not only have the strength but they have the knowledge as well.

Take Care,

Talk 2 u later


Im Proud 2 B Me!
May Allah Always guide everyone 2 the right Path.

May Allah never let anyone go astray.


Take care,


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Moral support


First I Thank Allah for his mercy to u and to all his creation, for guding u to Islam, I am a muslim from India, and I was very happy for u choosing Islam though u r living in christian enviroment .

I would suggest to u to read lot about Islam in a way to know is it Quran is God's word and Is Prophet Mohammed Is God's massenger, using logic and reasoning and asking muslim learned men not any person claiming to be a muslim( sorry to say many muslims they do not know thier own riligion much may Allah guide them)

So I welcome u on behalf of all muslims of India.

May Allah bless :SMILY206:


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Salam a aleikom its my first time that im writing in the forum, i usually dont write her , but im doing it now because there are other people here too from Scandinavia , thats cool! :) Iam from norway :)
maybe we could make a Scandinavian section :p

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You are most welcome sister.....We are all here learning and getting more faith and strenghth by our brotherhood ....I pray to Allah to guide us all to all that is good.

:salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah:


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selam alejkum

hej jag e en muslim som bor i svergie e född muslim :salah: ber fem gånger om dag:salah: Elhamdulilah jag e alban som bor i skåne jag undrar var du bor så kanske vi kan träffas och prata mer inshalla med allah hjälp vi träffas
salam alejkum:muslim_child: