salam how many languages u can speak??

i can speak

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Masha'Allah - a very clever group of people!
I know English - 1st language
French - remnants from high school only
2 or so words each of Italian, Greek, Urdu, Swahili - lol
I voted for 2.


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salam alikoum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

I speak:

1-arabic (read, speak and write)+local dialect
2-french (read, speak and write)
3-english (read, speak and write but with mistakes)
4-berber (speak)
some spanish and german
wa salam alikoum


I'm not what you believe
I can speak French,English,Spanish(so&so),German and Arabic.
about the last one I cane read it,understand others' conversations and translate every ones to italian.:mashallah:


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Asalam alai kum all

I can speak 3 languages and they are,

English, American and Australian :)

Walaikum Assalam,

Ok, I'll test your Australian then. :p

What does "G'day" mean?

What does "arvo" mean?

What are "thongs"?

What is a "sook"?

Otherwise, you're gonna have to stick to just English and "American" then, innit? :D


aka Tree2008
salam alaykum

i speak Arabic, French, English + 2 local dialects.


Wa alaikome salam brother. I notice you are from Agadir Morocco which is where my new family (Im recently married to Moroccan man last week alhamdulillah) lives. I wondered if one of the local dialects you can speak would be Berber??? My husbands family is Berber and I am learning a few words alhamdulillah. I have only been here for one month and already I can say these.....(please forgive my spelling Im sure its wrong and I am spelling the Berber the way that it sounds to me)

saba la hair= good morning
timin si win= good night
manicant guit = how are you
labbas= fine
le feet= hot (temperature)

I think I know more but I cant think of them just now. I hope to learn the language but some words are very difficult for me to say just like Arabic.

My native language is English and I can speak enough Spanish to get by although I have a problem with present future and past tenses in Spanish but the Spanish speaking people seem to understand me alhamdulillah.