salam wat sthe best time for tahajud prayer??


ALLAH is in my heart
salam wats the best time for tahajud prayer??

salam brothers n sisters
i wanna know that wats the best timing of tahajud prayer??
if someone cud help me.
i shall be very thanckful.
jazakallahum khair.


Allahu Akbar!!
Salamu Alaikum,

If its the prayer I'm thinking Of Sis,

It's inbetween 1am and 4.30am

But better asking the more knowledgeable because Im a recent revert and I could be thinking of the wrong prayer

abu turaab

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:salam2: the best time is that time when you can wake-up and perform tahajjud with a realitive ease and with consistency..and usualy the last one third or quarter of nite(as one finds it easy)till fajr would be appropiate!!...and ALLAH knows best!!


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the best time to pray TAHadjude is the last third of the night before El fadjre