Salam :)


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Salamu Alikum everyone,
I guess i did a nono by posting without introducing myself. :)
I'm Marwa...I am egyptian but have not lived there since i was four, which is like 13 years. I've lived in Pennsylvania all that time. Um, I'm in high school. Last year inshallah.
I plan on going to college to be a chem major...maybe medical school...Don't know yet...
I'm excited about meeting other muslims who share an interest in Islam in our daily lives. Islam is not just a religion but our total way of life.
right :),
That's me.


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Assalam Alaikum Sister,

Welcome to the site, Inshallah you can gain a lot of valuable knowledge and inshallah increase your thaqwa and also help guide people around you. I pray that you never fall into any traps that society sets up for us, and I pray that you always have thaqwa and I pray that Allah is always happy with you and your family. Ameen.


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Salaam alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe

Dear sister,

Welcome to this beautiful community.
I hope you enjoy going to school. May Allah (Subhana wa ta'alla) make it easy on you on how to make your choices insha'Allah...ameen.
May Allah (Subhana wa ta'alla) guide you on the straight path and increase your knowledge insha'Allah...ameen.
I hope to learn lots from and about you insha'Allah

Wa salaamoe alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe
Your sister in Islam, Aicha


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welcome sis :))))

:salam2: sis
:SMILY206: to TTI
hope u enjoy ur stay here,, gaining more islamic knowledge n hopefully increased in eeman :inshallah: We have egyptian arabic here incase ur out of touch with it eh ;);) provided by an egyptian chemist bro islamicfajr ;);)
:wasalam: :hijabi:


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thanks everyone for the welcome...well, the chem major thing, um, well i don't know how college is like in other parts of the world, but in america, you get your bachelor's first, which I plan to do in chem. You have a major and/or minor. You can have more than one. though it does not have to have anything to do with what school, such as medicine or law, you will be going to. So, as long as i take the minimum for social sciences for example, I can major in let's say journalism and if i pass the mcat's go to med school.
It's don't think i even understand it...But inshallah, everything will turn out fine.
I guess a major problem that i have having lived here in america, is the whole language thing. Like I hate talking in arabic because my accent is sooo bad and visible that I don't want people to make fun of me about it. I guess i'm insecure about it in a way. If it's one i thing I wish i could improve is my arabic. I don't have a problem reading and understanding arabic. It's just the way it sounds when I say it out loud. idk...
Guess i'm blabbing's one of my weird,
I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and inshallah learning more about islam.
SALAM :hijabi: