Sandwich cake with fish

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Sandwich cake is Scandinavian speciality. What fish makes with cake anyway? Let´s see.

Sandwich cake with fish


500g toast​
milk or fish broth​
Filling nr 1:
400g cottage cheese​
150g shrimps​
150g-200g mayonnaise

Filling nr 2:
100g cottage cheese with sour cream
200g tuna fish​
fresh dill​

* Remove the edges of the toasts and place them to tray (for ex. 3x4)​
* Moisten toast with milk or broth​
* Spread filling nr.1 on toasts and place the next layer and moisten also this one. Now spread filling nr.2 on toasts.​
* Place the third layer but do not moisten this one. Cover the whole cake with filling nr.1 so the seams won't be noticeable.​
* Put the cake to the fridge for 12 hour (cover by plastic bag)​
* Decorate the cake before serving with for ex. raw pickled salmon, smoked raw salmon, tuna, caviar, lime, lemon, cucumber, boiled eggs, fresh herbs....​


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