Allahu Akbar! Saying the Shahada tomorrow!


Salaam! After several months of studying and reading the Qur'an, I am ready to say the Shahada and am going to meet the Imam at the local masjid tomorrow morning. I am so very excited about this major change in my life!

sister herb

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Salam alaykum

Welcome to forum and also welcome to islam. May shahada opens to you the totally new path.



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wa alaykum salam !

Congratulations and welcome to the website! Let us know how it goes in sha Allah, and do tell us about how you found Islam.

Have a great day tomorrow in sha Allah,



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Wa 'alaykum assalam

Congratulations sister!!!! If you don't mind sharing how you were introduced to Islam and what led you to become a Muslim.. please do :)


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Salaam aleikum,
Mashallah! xAllahknowsbestx is right, please tell us your story , you're making us very curious now ;)
Also, how did it go this morning??


Salaam aleikum, everyone! Thank you for the welcome. Yesterday went very well. My daughter came with me. She will choose to revert next, inshallah!

I was involved with a Muslim man for two years. Seeing the evidence of his faith in his life everyday made me realize how much I was lacking spirituality in my own life. He told me little bits about the religion, and it made me want to know more. Eventually, I searched online and started to read a lot. I ordered a translated Quran and piles of other books about Islam and Arabic.

The man I was involved with was so happy and we got engaged. I was planning to say the shahada next month, when we were to be married. However, last weekend, we had been house shopping all week, and he was stressed and overwhelmed. He freaked out and said he tried, but he couldn't do it. He sent me away and really hasn't talked to me since. :(

I figured that in light of what was going on, I shouldn't wait any longer to say the shahada. The imam knows my fiancé very well, and he knew all about our plans. He said he is certain that Allah wants us to be a family and that my fiancé will come around. He told me to pray to Allah to join and protect our family. That is what I am doing.


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Sister Assalam-o-alikum,
Welcome to Islam and to TTI.

I wish you all the happiness and joy in this life and the next Ameen.

I am sure you and your fiance will get married and live happily ever after. InshaAllah.