Share ur experience,How U win when the Satan try to cheat u and lead u to wrong way


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well i am a muslim and living in U.S but i really didnt know that cursing is bad in islam so i was used to curse but since i got peace tv and from that channel i learned alot of things in islam now i dont do those things which are against my religion. One of the thing that i always experience in my life is when i get mad and i always try hard not to say any bad words and stay or try to calm myself down and show satan that i can do it, i can follow my religion.


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I have read your first post before this
my sister may Allaah protect you
1- Make a lot of Du'a to Allaah to protect you from that people
2- Never ever ever open your door for strange people specially men :astag::astag::astag:
3- Just call the police if they distribute you
Allaah know the best:SMILY206:

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Ja Za Kala for replying to me sister very much appreciated. I have only just read this as I am not computer literate. Wel I havn;t recieved any disturbances insha allah whicis good as in that time I have got sronger I tihink some times people can take the kindness for weakness. as I still have more maturing to do, but masha Allah I have learnt from this. Now I have only time for those who need me and Allah as this is only wjat matters once again much appreciated for the feedback.


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mashaAllah..that this making you happy!!!!!!!!
well ya i'd like to share some experience...every friday in school, we have this thing called halaqah or gathering..all the students come together in the hall and a teacher/s talk about a lot of students find this boring and they dont like halaqah time. sometimes there are ways to skip there was this time where there were no a-level students in the hall..they found a meeting as an excuse to skip it. i could have gone to the meeting and skip too coz im a-level but i went anyway to the halaqah with another girl and ya i turned out to be the only a-level student there..but it was useful things..almost all the time it is useful things. but the elder students really dont like to go and some would say its boring and useless (yes they say that) and a waste of time..but i like going there because we learn things...except the students are so noisy and disrespectful..they talk all the time even during the halaqah..i dont mean any backbite but am just sharing some experience.. there was this other time i was waiting for my father outside a shop and this chinese old woman comes up to ask for money and i was thinking is it right to give non-muslims money?? but anyway i found a buck and gave her..and i thot these kind of people look up to the muslims because they know they will get something from the muslims..but it was weird...after i gave her she was stiil standing there with her back facing to me and when my father came out and we were leaving, she just turned in time to look back and i saw her turning and looking back...freaky...luckily there was a corner we turned into..


Well .. i remember one day when i was chatting with my friends on computer ..suddenly a boy added me in his id and now the choice was up to me to add him or not... this time i obey satan and i add him ...but i added him like i was going to tell him about islam .. when i told him he was like no intressted then he told me to give him my phone number than i thought its okay .. nothings wrong i will talk to him but then i realize that in islam it is not alowed then my imaan was pulling me up and i told him sorry brother i cant do that and dont u dare add me again from that day till know i havent added any boy ......!!!!
i won lolzzzzzzz..!!!!

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Asalam o Alykum wa rehmatullah
hmmmm well there are so many things and is like shaitan is standing at every corner and you cant really get rid of him , and you can really see him at work ,
and so many things that i cant share them here ,so i will abstain about those ,
a great verse to remember in those times
Holy Quran chapter 14 verse 22
And Satan will say when the matter is decided: "It was Allah Who gave you a promise of Truth: I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you. I had no authority over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah. For wrong-doers there must be a grievous penalty."

ahh ha haha yes those ,,,oh yes ,,,,,,,many times shoppkeepers have given me more money than it was to be given ,Alhamdullilah i have given back each and every penny back , never hid any ,hehe ,everytime have to calculate for them ,manual ones
last time it was when we went up in mountains hiking and gave the jeep guy Rs 500 and he thought i had given him Rs, 1,000 and charged less ,then told him what was agreed on ,he said such amount ,i told me to see in his pocket what i gave ,,,, he found 500 and finally gave him all the money back ,,,lol he was all praises that was one i really liked ,however those things always happen ,,,,to me dunno
similarly travelling in public transport and the ticket checkers forgets to take my fare ,yup im a back bencher would go and sit in the last corner seat so people wont disturb and put my head with the window would keep looking out and go in deep thoughts ,,,,and i would always give him the money at the end of journey and tease him ,
and yeah almost got me to miss my fajr prayers today
well was not willing to leave hot bed and go and change clothes to pray in ,thought it will be ok if i stay in bed and missed prayer ,well kept fighting and like some one soothing ,,he he suhail go to sleep ,,and sweet dreams ,,sweet wonderful nice sleep but anyways finally fought my way out of it ,after nearly half hours fight ,,,

so i guess its like everyday everything struggle and you cant really say everything but i tried my best.


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I'm always so tempted to visit the clubs/pubs and dress like the girls here. Plus, my parents are not here with me so it's easier to go to these places without them knowing anything. But alhamdullilah, I think somehow, something inside that keeps on refraining me although the urge is there. insyaAllah I'll never resort to that.



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Once i was about to lead the prayer with a couple brothers and alhamdillah i have a good voice and my tagweed is good, but this thought came into my head to recite very nicely...instead i seeked refuge from the Shayteen and read the quran without any harmony and basically monotone.

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I have TOO many encounters with the Shayateen and Iblis. But a lot of times Iblis may tell me to do something that's Haraam and it's like so obvious, and so as a result of what my Qareen says to me, I talk back to her in my mind and start pointing out to her of what she said was straight up stupid, because it's something her and the other Shayateen (and maybe even Iblis if I mattered that much to him) always use to say to me.

Like it was like a few weeks ago with my one teacher who's young (25 yrs old), Italian (I run away in fear), and yeah she's "those stuff" but even so, I don't like her that way, it's a basic liking, like as if there's someone that's fun or makes you laugh all the time, or who you talk to, that kind of thing.

So anyway, yeah she wears tight clothes (pants, and don't ask me how I know. Alright, I looked up to copy notes from the board and my mouth dropped open in shock at the scary image that I accidently saw an indirect glimpse of, and which I started breaking to tears about later on), and so she was walking around the room helping students, and she was helping this one girl that sits like North East from me and so she bent over her desk and was helping her, and since I was doing my work, obviously I knew that she was there, that "something" was there, and so as soon as I notices that my teacher was infront of me I turned my body in the other direction so I wouldn't be distracted from my work, but as I was doing the basic words that my Qareen always use to tell me came out, "Look at it," and (..........alright I'll tell you guys exactly what I said) I was like, "Ni$$a get the hell outta here," and in my mind I was laughing because it seemed stupid, and because usually I was manipulated when they made me go through steps or trick me into doing something Haram like in other instances.

And sorry brothers and sisters for what I just said, Wallahi I never say these words in places like the Masjid or school (because my Eman and Taqwa is high), because at school I find it offensive to my friends that are African American (there the coolest kids I know :)) or to African Americans in general, I say it when I get angry at my sisters (because my patience is low around them), but usually I only use profanity to myself, and this is one of those cases, and brothers and sisters out there that are African/African American, know that I love you all like any other brother or sister, and to tell you the truth, African and African American brothers look the most beautiful when they have that certain steadfastness, like when they keep a long beautiful beard and dress up like the "old days" (alright in other words, a kind of thobe that a Somali brother wears including a hot beard and a WOW Pagree,) LoL. And besides, they're like the coolest Muslims that I know. I mean, Pakistani brothers don't seem like that; Arab brothers, just have cool looks (the "gangsta" looking tough but practicing brother); Bangladeshi brothers HECK no, (LoL), and pretty much no to anyone else.

Besides, there are a LOT of great African American brothers that are Scholars, like Abu Shahadah, and my most favorite, Sheikh Khalid Yasin (RA), who I wish I could've been his student. :D

But anyway, gotta go for Esha now. <3


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a month ago me and a couple of mates at skool were playing handball (break time)and i accidentaly broke a teachers hood ornament :p lol and my mates were like dont tell him jst sneak off - - later on at lunch time the teacher came and said who broke the hood ornament i owned up in like a second my mates wanted to cover for me :) i told him i would owe him the money to fix it, the nxt day he sid he had nva met me and he didnt know but he sid he liked me instantly wen i owned up bcuz he usually see's that everyone does sumting and sneaks off :) so instead of listenign to my non muslim friends and jst sneaking off i did the right thing and owned up and the teacher even sid jst bcuz i owned up i didnt need to pay him bck :D :D :D