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ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Salaam akhi
Masha'allah we seem to have the same taste in nasheeds- my faves are "intefid", "nahnu ansar","inna mad donya fanaa", "BARODATY","ATLMH'U AL-FJRAA",AND "al qodso tonadina"!
jzk for sharing "island muslim"

Aisya al-Humaira

الحمدلله على كل حال
recently i heard this nasheed -Farshi Turab
reminds us about death
the video was nice too :ma:
thought wanted to share
and maybe someone can help me download it :SMILY259:

take care everybody
dont forget quran recitation is the best to the ears :SMILY259:


♥Amor vincit omnia♥
salaam alaiykum,
intefid one of my favourite nasheeds masha allah! Listen to the whole nasheed and if you like it download it inshaallah
Please play till the two hadiths of Khalid Ibn Al Waleed (ra) are over then the nasheed begins in earnest.

I love this nasheed!

island muslim

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Ahmed Abu Khater Al Hejab.

As Salaamu Alaiykum,

May Allah bless us and forgive us all ameen. May Allah bless and protect our sisters in Islam ameen.

This nasheed is uploaded on request. Its by Ahmed Abu Khater (a.k.a. Ahmad Bukhatir)


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island muslim

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Zayed al-Wafa by Ahmad Bukhatir

As Salaam Alaiykum,

Also upon request Zayed al-Wafa by Ahmed Abu Khater.
[chorus]May your day for the nation be of sincerity!
May your love for earth be lasting!
You are like a pen that expresses us
You built glory like strong mountains
You inspired the nation to be benevolent
May you have a long life as you achieved the nations wishes[chorus]

Zayed the benevolent, ask about him in the north,
South, highlands and lowlands
You unite people, since we have known you
You love all people not individuals
Through the gulf and oceans they've known Zayed
They have known Zayed for his spreading generosity
For all the glory we had
Without you we would have never been united


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~Salam to all!

Salaam Alaiykum WarahmatAllah Wabarakkatuh,

I wanted to share some nasheeds from my collection with you brothers and sisters.
Inshaallah you willkeep me in your du'as.

Jazakumallah khairan.





Thank you for sharing your nasheed collections~:tti_sister:May Allah reward your kindness and hardwork~Amin!

Many Thanks!

Thank you,
Take Care!


Islam is a way of life
Jazakallah for all the Nasheeds! :hearts:
Allahu Akbar!

I love this nasheed, actually, I learned of it from this site too :hijabi:
I hope you enjoy it, it tells a story about Islam in Albania. Its a great video and nasheed. Subtitled in English.

I dont know how to post a video, lol.

island muslim

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Qa3q3'at by Sameer Al Bashiri

Salaam Alaiykum,

Ameen to your kind du'as. Jazakamullah khairan to all brothers and sisters, for I am in much need of them.

Qa3q3'at By Sameer Al Bashiri, and here is the translation with high quality Mp3 below from Original CD. If anyone wants I can upload the other nasheeds in this CD.



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