Shia view of Abu Bakr (R.A)

Discussion in 'TurnToIslam Lounge !' started by adam_arb, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. adam_arb

    adam_arb Junior Member

    Aug 19, 2008
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    As-Salamu Alaykum brothers and sisters. A Shia posted the following to me about Abu Bakr: "And Prophet (saw) says: Whoever angers Fatima (as), angers Me (saw). [Sahih Bukhari volume 5, book 57, hadith 67] Fatima (as) got angry and stopped speaking to ABU BAKR till she died. [Sahih Bukhari volume 4, book 53, hadith 325] Quran chapter 118: For he who makes you (saw) angry, he will be cut off. He (Ali) held the same position to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) as Haroon to Musa. [Sahih Bukhari, 5.56, 5.700] What does that exactly means ??? May Allah (swt) guide you to the right path!" Seeing that I don't have enough ......... ..... .... ..... .. ....... .. .... ... ....... ....... .. .... ...................... .....