Short Reminder (Salah)


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Hadhrat Abdullah bin Mas'ood (Radhiyallaho anho) says:​
"Once, I inquired of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam), which act (of man) was the dearest to Allah. The Prophet replied, 'salaat'. I then inquired which act came next (in order of merit) and the Prophet replied, 'Kindness to parents'. I again asked what was next and he answered 'Jihaad'."

Mulla Ali Qari (Rahmatullah alaih) has quoted this Hadith in support of the belief that salaat is the most important religious duty after Imaan. This is further corroborated by a hadith, in which the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) is reported to have said:

"Salaat is the best of all that has been ordained by Allah."


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Assalam O Alakum,

"Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiyallaho anho) narrates that once the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) asked his companions, 'Do you believe that dirt can remain on a person bathing five times a day in a brook running in front of his door?' 'No', replied the companions, 'No dirt can remain on his body.' The Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) remarked: So, exactly similar is the effect of salaat offered five times a day. With the Grace of Allah, it washes away all the sins'."