Video Sister Crystal Talks about her life Before and After Islam


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[imgleft][/imgleft]Sister Crystal Talks about her life Before and After Islam. The sister is from Canada. She was from Christian background, she found many inconsistencies in her Religion. She had always wanted to know more about who her creator was. When she was at college she met Muslims and found what they said was interesting. She had a Muslim boyfriend and had relationship with him. A Christian Arab tried to make her stop from becoming a Muslim by giving her biased anti-Islam literature. He would even give the literature to her mother. This made the Sister interested, so she went to the Mosque and tried to discover more about ISlam, she found that what the Arab man was telling her was wrong.



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Allah (SWT) is Noor (Light), & guides to HIS Noor (Light), Whom HE (SWT) likes, HE (SWT) had guided you, to his straight path, please hold to it firmly, to win this world & hereafter InshAllah.

Allah (SWT) did not create this world randomly, every thing in it has an orbit or a path, and this path should lead us to Allah (SWT) (The Noor). Thanks for Allah (SWT) for sending us The Map (The Noble Quraan), & Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as an explainer & guider in this world, to show us the right path (his Sunnah) that leads to wide & deep ocean of Noor (ALLAH) SWT, which is full of precious & valuable things of this world & hereafter.


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sister crystal Allah makes Muslim the people that He likes them and u r one of them realy it was amazing 2 hear how u became Muslim and we pray 4 u to get strong faith day after day.

your,s Brother Ahmedkaafi


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Beautiful story.

Just what these reverts have to go through to realise & become a muslim is so daunting & downright scary. Allah gives them the strength.

May Allah continue to give her guidance. Amen.



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What she says is true - once you embrace Islam. born Muslims are happy but they soon forget that you are still taking baby steps and are in dire need of guidance


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:bismillah: :salam2: There are two schools of thought adout covering the face with a veil According to Muslim jurists the face, hands and feet of a muslim can be seen in public In order not to be conspicous in western environment muslim women can avoid veils while strictly following the muslim dress code namely Hijab


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:tti_sister: salam alaytkum,
All thanks belong to Allah who choose any he want. and who He want can not go astray and who He dislike can not know the right way.
Alhamdulillah for that sister. ma-sallaam


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Salam to All from Khurram Shahzad


My name is Khurram Shahzad and I am form Pakistan. My friend informed me about this web site. This great site and an eye opener for the people who dont understand islam. And I also enjoyed most of the clips being posted in this site.

At the end, I want to say to all the people involved in this site, may ALLAH reward for your efforts.



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al hamdo lillah ala ni3mati al islam wafakaha allah t3ala.
Easy verily this sister by luxury of the Islam and sunnah.
al hamdu lillah wa ashokr lillah.

ayesha siddique

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mashallah,its amazing 2 here u jazzak allah kharian kaseerain (it means allah swt bless u with lots of blessings) inshallah u will see yourself how allah will make all your efforts fruitfull.:hearts: :hearts: :hearts: your sister ayesha


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in sorah ainfal there is an ayat it is said to the prophet(pbuh) that "say to your wives and other mominas that when they come out from thier house they should cover thier face with thier cloth from thier head to face side so that they could be recocnized " i think that it is enough to prove that women shold cover thier face in front of ghair mehram


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assalamou 3alaykom

machaalla 3ajib ALLAH taala can give gidence even through an ennmi of islam
sister your very luky
may ALLAH give you steadfasteness
wa salam